amanfromMars said… clearing up a few things with Casey Evans on https://amanfrommars.blogspot.co.uk/2016/08/160813.html
Happy to oblige, CE.
The system is extremely incestuous is highlighting the fact that systems drivers are badly programmed and either reluctant or incapable of wedding their pet projects/protocols to others of a foreign ilk with an alien bearing/novel disposition. The result in trying to maintain and retain a tight self centre gene and meme pool is the quite unnatural norm of a deformed and retarded offspring and a greater expanded and corrupted and perverted family circle/excluding executive office administration system.
And surely one cannot help but notice the very clear parallels and similarities with so much, and far too much of the above, to not recognise the fundamental and monumental folly which the media is revealing about the current fiasco and racing US presidential campaign and politically incorrect televised soap opera/prime time day time mini-series? …. “Fools and their Follies, their Tools and their Dollies” could be title.
And No, Nein, Nee, Nyet …… I am not threatening you with physical bodily harm, nor would I think it a good master plan to threaten anyone/anything with physical bodily harm. Such a blunt traumatic tool is for worthy fools and they are easily taken care of and rewarded appropriately by others with the necessary skill sets whenever their follies are of a certain past age and collapsing and then be tagged and classified a clear and present danger to one and all.
🙂 And although some would say that self praise is no great recommendation, playing the fool is surely not for us. It is certainly of no interest to me whenever anything and everything else is so freely available in its place and space.
14 August 2016 at 07:26
amanfromMars [1608141353] ….. asking a leading question, or a question of leaderships, on http://www.thedailybell.com/news-analysis/ny-maqazine-article-doesnt-explain-media-hatred-but-offers-an-example-instead/

Conclusion: Ironically, the New York Magazine article was intended to explain the gathering hatred for the media. Instead, it seems to provide a further example of it.

And that be a sure enough sign of, well, both wilful ignorance and cognitive dissonance, and clear and transparent evidence of an intellectually challenged system in rapid terminal decline ……. and of bit players stuck in the catastrophically destructive rut of vainly trying to valiantly defend the indefensible and defeat the indispensable and indefatigable.
And what does one call persons and/or systems which serially fail to learn new tricks for day and zero day trades?

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