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Re: Department for Business, Innovation and Skills?

And presumably the reason the PM blocked the commissioner from investigating it, and is busy rapidly cancelling it, is because he discovered some of it was directed against the US. …. Graham Cobb

It is much more exciting to imagine PMs block all of those kinds of things, GC, because they discovers actions are also being directed against their kind, with warped minds raging at the system which they thought extraordinarily rendered them some sort of special privileged immunity from thorough investigation, the absence of which always leads to abuse, misuse and corruption of authorities and established institutions.
And that perversion of systems in those sorts of shenanigans should surely be more MI5 territory than that posited by commentard, druck, who shared …

Paranoid rubbish. It’s far more likely that MI5 was brought in to investigate industrial espionage by foreign actors against UK based companies.

I suppose that all depends though on whether Secretive and Security Services lead with smart actions and proaction or simply follow second and third party orders in reaction to such shenanigans.

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