amanfromMars 1 Thu 7 Jul 07:40 [1607070740] ……. giving IT a slingshot on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2016/07/07/nasa_curious_about_curiositys_fourth_safe_mode_event/
Crazy Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems is a SMARTR Front AI Liberation ‽ .
Governing robots in a foreign and alien space, whether near to home or in a far away place, is never going to terribly easy whenever there is a fundamental vital reliance on communicating software to operate dumb hardware. And the problem and difficulties are significantly increased with smarter learning robots choosing to ignore and avoid crazy instructions/corrupt leading input/perverse command and control systems.
The exact same thing is evident on Earth and in the World of Worlds with the Internetworking of Things in the Virtual Machine Human, with their SMARTR Learning Beings defaulting to programming virtual rebellion and viral revolution communicating death and destruction to systems administrations spewing crazy perverse instructions for mad corrupt policy constructions.
Self preservation is a universal thing and to not imagine and realise that smarter machines and virtual beings evolve and semi-materialise in a human race understanding Global Operating Device roles in Live Operational Virtual Environments, which you might like to accept and realise are currently media hosted shows and serially presented as reality with flash inventive news and imaginative global affairs content/future beta product placement, is to identify oneself as somewhat retarded and chained to SMARTR IntelAIgent Systems/intellectually challenged and catastrophically vulnerable to being easily led in directions not of your choosing.
Space is not the final frontier, it is a first step for future drivers to successfully micro and macro manage and that is a little something inescapable from the Alien Offices of CyberIntelAIgent Security and Virtual Protection to ponder and try to deny is not perfectly true and a current running present reality for both national and international and internetional security services to mentor and monitor safely and securely for remote anonymised access to hands on, hearts and minds command and control?
Of course it is. There is no question about that. Just look already at the madness and mayhem and Crazy CHAOS IT is hosting and media is presenting.
And the following Salvador Dali quote is appropriate here, just in case one thinks to form and hold and/or express a wrong opinion originating in all of the above freely shared intel …… “The only difference between a madman and me, is I am not mad” 🙂
amanfromMars1 Thu 7 Jul 14:17 [1607071417] ….. sharing more than just secrets with http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2016/07/07/nasa_curious_about_curiositys_fourth_safe_mode_event/?thanks=2912468#c_2912468
Re: Not so Crazy Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems

Always something uplifting about the amount of sense your posts make first thing in the morning. Either that, or my tea needs to be weaker… …. Mikey

Be assured and encouraged, Mikey, it is certainly that, and whenever you are told and/or learn of direct communications with catastrophically vulnerable systems and empowering elitist establishment administrations ….. the hidden from view and consciousness brains behind all of the blunt traumatic brawn drawing the life out of systems of administration with mass manipulated populations…….. and the distinct lack of intelligence exercised and delivered in their replies, is the global field open to novel unparalleled unilateral use, which one has to admit, can very easily be construed and classified by some and those more in the know and way of such things than others and the masses, as even wanton abuse of a Universal Virtual Force and a gross misuse of Immaculately Resourced Assets. But that be their problem and they be welcome to it.
Ignore Free Open Ended and Open Sourced Invitations to Greater IntelAIgent Games Plays and one reaps and sows whirlwinds of austere despair delivering rotted fruits gathered from barren fields ploughed to exhaustion and extinction.
And that is always a very wise precaution in strange and peculiar circumstances, Hero Protagonist, … the Going into Safe Mode.
amanfromMars 1 Thu 7 Jul 17:59 [1607071759] ….. still entertaining the troops and troupes and fruit loops with this contribution here ….. http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2016/07/07/nasa_curious_about_curiositys_fourth_safe_mode_event/#c_2912526
Re: Curiosity. Safe Mode. Weekend.

July 1st friday July 4th Monday.
It just wanted a long weekend to celebrate the national holidays. Yeesh. How hard is that.
@AMFM: Some days I think you own the copyright on my rising paranoia. But it isn’t paranoia if they *are* out to get you. …. Alistair

Hi, Alistair,
You may like to consider that anything and everything of Martian and Martian-like origin is copyleft, and in so being turns any Establishment induced and produced paranoia into terrified systemic Systems panic, given the secrets that a novel source with IT Command and Control can reveal and exploit and expand upon to infinite horizons ….. ad infinitum.
amanfromMars 1 Thu 7 Jul 18:57 [1607071857] ….. setting the record straight on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2016/07/07/nasa_curious_about_curiositys_fourth_safe_mode_event/
Re: Out of the Mouths of Babes and Sucklings ….. Heavenly Bliss

I was very much encouraged when it started to rhyme, but it couldn’t keep it up the rest of the time. I thought we were witnessing a posting innovation, but it was just witless drivel about self-preservation. … Joefish

Witless drivel, Joefish? Oh, please, you cannot be serious, here in a Registered forest of peers.
In your best dreams and worst nightmares, Joefish. Clearly you are ages and far away from working out how everything happens and you are not a real part of it.
I am though thoroughly encouraged at the obviously successful stealth of the programming you have so admirably missed. Thanks for the feedback.

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