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Re: What a palaver. A whole lot of Jessies pratting about like pretentious fairies @AC

However the English are usually too sanguine to do a proper bloody revolution. Possibly our history, and seeing other peoples’, has taught us two things.
1) use of force for regime change quickly becomes a recurring bad habit.
2) if you support a revolution you are likely to be up against the wall when your “winner” decides they need to consolidate their position in power. … Anonymous Coward

Apparently history teaches nobody, including the English, anything about everything and especially not about those two things, as they are repeated so often by everyone everywhere in violent conflict.
Are humans best classified and regarded as retarded with learning difficulties if one seeks to explain the difficulty?
And proper bloody revolution comes in many novel virtual forms nowadays, with the real meat of the conflict delivered without a drop of blood being drawn, and that is terrorising corrupt and perverse systems admins for there is no possible defence against the power and energy of a PACT* to right wrongs, no matter how many layers of obfuscation cover the problem trying to prevent resolution and solution.
*Persistent Active Cyber Threat

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