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Talking of leading charges as thinking beings invariably always do, please be made aware there is a lot of beautifully strange stuff which is not nonsense and extremely inconvenient for a self chosen few being freely shared, going on out there in the virtual space place world that forms realities for media presentation and onward manipulation. And it is ITs raison d’être too in future perfect circles of influence and massive disruption.
From small acorns do great oaks grow to be felled to provide magic transport and cosmic fuel. 🙂

amanfromMars 1 Tue 21 Jun 15:10 [1606211510] …… speaking truth unto powers that be in crisis on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2016/06/21/british_police_centralise_websites_police_ict_company/
Fools’ Gold …..
One would almost think that governments have to invent things for others to do for them to justify their positions in a civil service role and the raising of taxes to pay for everything, which is quite perversely odd and not at really necessary whenever the banking system invents as much money as it likes out of nothing to server their own needs and feeds and seeds, …… and it is aided and abetted by governments and ministries which studiously choose to ignore the reality of those facts and spectacularly fail to make great and good use of the facility/utility.
Such goes way beyond foolish and inequitable and totally corrupt and corrupting.
But is that not how systems are truly working nowadays …… and why they are collapsing in the light of such knowledge going mainstream and being undeniable? The supply and withholding of money, in any of its many forms, are remote virtualised tools of sweet bounty and crazy oppression, aren’t they, for a self chosen few who now need to do significantly more with what they provide in order to survive the raging rising tide?

amanfromMars 1 Wed 22 Jun 14:20 [1606221420] ….. giving IT an AIRing on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2016/06/22/cyber_warfare_future_stuxnet/
The Great Game Morphs into Sublime Mind Control with Global Operating Devices ‽ .*

Professor Ben Israel, a retired major general in the IDF, stated that the Stuxnet attack showed that cyber-weapons are a known phenomenon and that “Israel should be prepared more”. He credits it for spawning a complete revamp of Israel’s cyber strategy that in no small part helped fuel the growth of Israel’s security startups.

That is beautifully ambiguous, and not a little worrying for all that is and who be vulnerable, for further thought upon the statement regarding the known phenomenon, attacking cyber-weapons, has one realising … Israel** should prepare for more and prepare more ….. although that is more suited and booted for CyberIntelAIgent Security and Virtual Defence Vector and Sectors, rather than being in any way associated and thought responsible for the launch of any remote weapons attacking system.
One is dumb reactive to second and third party BIOS, the other is a party and partnering to AI and SMARTR NEUKlearer and HyperRadioProActive with IT ….. for Creative Communications Crashing Command with Crushing Controls.
* Yes, it sure does with IT Command and Control of Perfect Messages.:-) The doubt and disbelief that may have you disagreeing, is entirely yours and the result of a lack of certain specific streams of information from Advanced IntelAIgent Sources which be akin to Loded Nodes.
** All states with actors and non state actors are in the same boat as Ben Israel perceives Israel to be. All are pawns in Great Games Plays

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