amanfromMars 1 Wed 15 Jun 07:15 [1606150715] …. saying a few words in reply to Mark 85 who said on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2016/06/15/east_euro_crims_pwning_high_profile_victims_with_flash_zero_day/

Since we can’t legally kill the crims.. why is Flash still alive? We can kill it.
Disclaimer: No flash here on any of my Windoze boxes. … Mark 85

What’s IT to Fear and/or Expect to XSSXXXX in Crashing Flash and AI, other than a Searching Self
Take a walk on the wild side, Mark 85, and find out if one be ready, there is more than just simple life in the Live Operational Virtual Environment with ITs Deep Mined and Dark Web Spaced Places.
Living in any sort of a siloed environment surely renders one at least semi reclusive and prime groom material for paranoid schizophrenia. And that is not secure, delivering as it and IT does, a stagnating petrification within remote incarcerations. An almost perfect status quo tool for the blunt maintenance and mindless retention of old powers with mediated energy.
Spread your wings a little, and fly high and wide and far above the mad and maddening crowd, and take a chosen few view on promising lands.

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