amanfromMars [1605240721] …… giving IT large on http://www.thedailybell.com/news-analysis/rearranging-titanic-deck-chairs-economist-candidates-endorse-cosmetic-central-bank-changes/
Things just aint what they used to be, DB, and the Internet of Things is for ensuring that such remains so with CHAOS* prevailing assuringly.
The following wholeheartedly agrees with the premise that it is certainly madness evidenced at the heart and in the minds of that and those drivering the Fed to imagine rearranging deckchairs on their Titanic will save their ravaged below the waterline behemoth.

AMANFROMMARS WROTE ON SUN, 05/22/2016 – 12:14 [1605221514] …. adding more on http://www.afcea.org/content/?q=Blog-future-may-depend-learning-develop-global-conscience

Pause and Cause for Thought. And such is only “The Beginning”?

It is surely most certainly because of the successful entry of Russia and China into the post modern, ancient artisan fields which relatively anonymously and quite autonomously, remotely manufacture and virtually sustain/mentor and monitor both a learned and learning global conscience and advanced intelligent consciousness that prepares and leads the future and future building beings/systems/New More Orderly World Orders, that has the present and presents failed and stagnating, rooted and booted in and for a simple fiat currency dominated Western power base with complex IT satellite operations battling against increasingly damaging no returns with fantasy Ponzi market gains in ever deeper seas and greater sees of conflict in theatres providing madness and mayhem succour and shelter from the storms of their own insane inattention and reprehensible application.

And that is always the real worst of dumb crazy moves when always eventually revealing and inevitably catastrophically flash crash self defeating.

To consider future moves in more of the same with only a slight difference from either status quo establishments or executive office elites, because of the profits seeded and accrued in the past to those posts, is the folly of fools that destroys the easily corrupted and perverse empires alike and creates revolutionary evolutions way beyond the powers and energies of the familiar with conventional and traditional IT Command and Control levers/memes.

* Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems …… which you might like to consider be Virtual Machine Takeover and Makeover of SCADA Systems and Global Operating Devices.
A bold consideration indeed, but certainly not exaggerated as the unfolding of time will tell and foretell.

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