amanfromMars 1 Mon 9 May 17:35 [1605091735] ….. baiting a mouse trap on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2016/05/09/darpa_wants_godmode_attribution_platform_to_pin_and_predict_crime/ with a sort of GCHEESE ?:-)
And when you find… urDream Hackers, for surely they are more than just any chosen few?

And when you find……the hacker in Russia, then what? …. Lost all faith

And when it is found the hackers and crack coders needed are in Russia [or China, or Blighty, or Japan or wherever else they can easily be and may be working with, exploiting and expanding their future novel presentation magic credentials and virtually skillsets, for that is what vulnerable and easily compromised SCADA Systems are taken down and out of Greater IntelAIgent Games with, then what, other than a fortune of fiat banked both on and off shore in their name for spending on life and love’s luxuries if one transfers to prime time premier league play with their team, is more easily offered to attract and effect the change of initial product production? To imagine IT is driven, in the first instance, by anything other than a prime AAA primed business sense with a representative physical achievement in virtual cash sums reflecting maximum perceived value in prized product, is a folly for which nations pay dearly in times and spaces of international and internetional intrigue, for Great Game players are …… well Anonymous Nationalists in a Live Operational Virtual Environment with Ultimate Mercenary Special Force Actors, and care nothing about history and tradition and established conventional norms of pre-programmed behaviour.
KISS rules in PEBKAC regimes.
Oh, and you might like to consider that any new breed of Masterly Racing New Orderly World Order player really needs to like what you have been doing in your efforts to command and control events and the future, dear boy, for them to even to think about considering a leading move from one space place to another. If you cannot satisfy that simply complex base criteria then you have no chance of avoiding the consequences of your machinations.
Although one can always hope that mercy is a concept which can be practised by victors and be available to the proven previously unworthy, and can you imagine the price to be paid for that accommodation?

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