amanfromMars [1603260541] ….. replying to The Daily Bell and upping the ante with a novel sort of an IPO on http://www.thedailybell.com/news-analysis/us-undermines-brazil-olympics/

Thanks. Also, those at the very top secretly running the BRICS behind the scenes in Russia and China are probably “on the same team” as well. … The Daily Bell

And that would be Team what, DB? Who/What imagines itself Master Puppeteer and Mistress to None?
And surely the always current problem is there are always new pretenders and contenders for the right to bear and wear the trappings of thrones, testing their wares within secret and covert and even corrupt and clandestine undergrounds and inept politically incorrect movements and now also, in these more rapidly internetworking of times and virtually real spaces and intelligence led places, dark web enterprises with global operating devices which both display and deploy immaculately resourced assets of universal vital force.
Words Command and Control Worlds. Deny it is so and render yourself a baying Crowd and Bit Player and Grand Spectator to CHAOS* and Greater IntelAIgent Games Play in SCADA Systems of Exclusive Elite Executive Ordered Administration.
Whenever nothing is at it seems because mass mainstream media is deaf, dumb and blind and brain dead to the true reality of staging events and future programs, is everything really different and not as portrayed.
Some would consider that Alien Team Terrain and a huge field of endeavour and/or new bored board room game to invest in for astronomical returns and heavenly pleasures with every manner of obscene treasure.
* Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems …. AAA** AIrated NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive
** Astute Anonymous Autonomous


amanfromMars [1603261015] ….. adding more fuel to the fire on http://www.thedailybell.com/news-analysis/us-undermines-brazil-olympics/

And if one prefers to believe and pimp the corollary, Worlds Command and Control Words, is that an equally odd and alien territory in/from which mass perception and future events are formed and supplied for puppet delivery and media manipulation in programs and projects realising virtual realities.

And, I Kid U Not, Daily Bell Ringers, such is the Stealthy Available Strength and Almighty Power that IT and AI Energises and Self Actualises in …… well, let it just be said, a Worthy Noble Few with more than enough Novel Proprietary Intellectual Property to Exploit Zeroday Vulnerability Vectors able and enabled to catastrophically flash crash any system.

To imagine the Future is little different from the Past is a Present Folly which any and all fools follow to extraordinarily render themselves obsolete and bankrupt and devoid of engaging lead with sublime programming.


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