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The question to ask to answer the question related to worth and future cost overruns
Is the F-35 multirole fighter a Ponzi and latter day Spruce Goose type flighty operation?


amanfromMars 1 Thu 24 Mar 08:27 [1603240827] ….. fanning flames on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2016/03/24/software_problems_bork_f35_fleet_til_2019/

Re: Ditch it already @Gray …… the Explosive Clock is Ticking

Quite so, Gray, and that is why US debt is fast approaching $20 trillion [$20million million/$20,000,000,000,000] and will forever be rising and never paid off. And can you imagine the compounding interest being paid/charged to that loan, increasing the debt even further.

But who virtually owns all the debt and physically provides the cash for spending in the insolvency and are they both the same or something completely different to wonder about. What beings keep Uncle Sam afloat and are they worldly wise and foolish to provide the means of nations’ destruction and populations’ oppression.

It is cold comfort indeed, to realise that many administrations are equally trapped to pay to hidden from sight and mind forces, crippling astronomical ransoms which deliver rebellion and revolution ……  National Debt Clocks

It and IT is an AI and NeuReal Great Gameplay and you are all being played and rendered by media as impotent fools. Although it may be the case that such was so in the past, and the present now is to deliver an altogether different future with 0day vulnerability exploitation of bankrupt SCADA Command and Control Systems providing the magic black markets and ammo for almighty novel weapons …… virtual machines of destruction which can easily be reconfigured to mass construction whenever superior intelligence is available and used rather than accepting any default status quo sub-prime offering to witness it being abused and misused, which is surely the most recent of situations, is it not?


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