amanfromMars 1 Tue 15 Mar 06:04 [1603140604] ….. venting on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2016/03/14/cabinet_office_digital_outcomes_specialists_framework_not_ready/
Speaking Truth unto Powers that Wannabe Outs Useless Fools as their Useful Tools ‽ .
Methinks a little support and realistic journalism is exactly the opposition which outs dodgy government shenanigans and frees oppressed citizens from austere taxing regimes ….. sysadmin which rely on enforced public payment to failed private enterprise schemes/scams.
And such are failed schemes and/or scams, because if they were successful they would be generating economies and not costing fortunes with mounting deficits building never able to be repaid debt.
Although, of course, it is possible to wipe out/forgive all debt and start everything again from a level playing field, … one just has to declare it …… but such an easy political move would prove that fiat capitalism and the formation and accrual of debt and deficits are a blunt ignorant and arrogant means of mass command and control in the hands, hearts and minds of exchequers and the banking sector and an elitist few?
Yes, it is just so, and a ticking revolutionary time bomb and suicide vest to behold and be wearing if one insists on not resetting the clocks to zero for a novel fresh start requiring greater intelligence and grander imagination to lead.

Having spent time working with both CCS and CTS/GDS I fully get that their whole reason for existence is to drive down costs in the public sector and in turn provide value to citizens, how about a little support and realistic journalism – after all they are trying to turn around years of contracts with the large suppliers and the bad behaviours and govt specific price tags that previous contracts have attracted, and likewise get that change at this scale doesn’t happen overnight. … Anonymous Coward

You talk a good talk but the great walk and long march are all missing, AC, with things getting steadily worse rather than better. And tomorrow, which is one of those Budget days, will that all be confirmed with pie in the sky promised again then for sweet cake always to be delivered further on down the line by the gravy train which crashed and was burned ages ago.


amanfromMars 1 Tue 15 Mar 08:30 [1603150830] … saying more on

Re: Speaking Truth unto Powers that Wannabe Outs Useless Fools as their Useful Tools ‽ .

And are we to believe that silent down voters here deny and disagree that all of the above is true and not false testimony, and in so doing extraordinarily render themselves unto systems and mass audiences as useless fools and useful tools?

The free sharing and spontaneous presentation of greater information and secret bearing and secret baring intelligence is the new virtualised playground in which warriors do battle against ghosts in, to fail and fall at every hurdle and obstacle on their journey to future bounty promised aplenty.

IT is the world y’all are now living in, and a’floundering in, in support of the practically unattainable and inequitable.

Have a nice 0day.

amanfromMars said [1603150854] …… replying to a shared notion on http://amanfrommars.blogspot.co.uk/2016/03/160313160314.html

greetings, amanfromMars, a billion, or just random 77.77777 % of this amount, is a reasonable number for an anonymous charity …..Anonymous said

Hi, Anon,
Such fantastic sums spirited into the virtual accounts of that which and/or those who know what they are doing and what needs to be done, would easily be classified as an APT and charitable revolutionary ACT ….. and against which there is no viable defence or attack.
Now there is food for thought and action.
APT = Advanced Persistent Treat
ACT = Advanced Cyber Treat ….. although there are those and that which would consider those as threats
15 March 2016 at 08:54
Further to the above …..
🙂 It is though something remarkable to note and remember to never ever forget, that such fantastic sums as can easily materialise in virtual transfers between one account and another, are there only to create a powerful aura which enchants others with a command and control which they do not possess, for/and easy come is easy go in such exalted fields of Great Gamesplay.
15 March 2016 at 09:24

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