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Re: @ amanfromMars 1 – It is only a matter of short time whenever they just don’t get it

Around here, we refer to that as a “Second Amendment Remedy. …… Someone Else

Such blunt force trauma remedies are of course always a possibility, Someone Else, whenever systems insist on creating fools as personal tools of anonymising foe in need of radicalised attention.
And the smarter that systems need to become to retain and maintain lead with Remote Command and Media Control, the greater the likelihood of the solution being considered perfectly normal and convenient.
The following being true is surely a real concern ……

This, I argue, is somewhat analogous to an argument that we should be entitled to own firearms, despite the fact that SOME people will use them wrongly/immorally/illegally. The ownership is a right even though it may ultimately allow or enable an abuse that you consider wrong and punishable. I consider the truth of such an argument to be obvious and correct, and I know you would too.

I realize that this lacks the crisp certitude of safety which would be reassuring to the average, “pre-libertarian” individual. But you are not the “average individual” and I trust that as long-time libertarians you will recognize rights must exist even given the hypothetical possibility that somebody may eventually abuse them.

I do not know whether I “invented” or “discovered” this system; perhaps it’s a little of both. I do genuinely believe that this system, or one like it, is as close to being technologically inevitable as was the invention of firearms once the material we now know as “gunpowder” was invented. I think it’s on the way, regardless of what we do to stop it. Perhaps more than anyone else on the face of this planet, this notion has filled me, sequentially and then simultaneously, with awe, astonishment, joy, terror, and finally, relief.

Awe, that a system could be produced by a handful of people that would rid the world of the scourge of war, nuclear weapons, governments, and taxes. Astonishment, at my realization that once started, it would cover the entire globe inexorably, erasing dictatorships both fascistic and communistic, monarchies, and even so-called “democracies,” which as a general rule today are really just the facade of government by the special interests. Joy, that it would eliminate all war, and force the dismantling not only of all nuclear weapons, but also all militaries, making them not merely redundant but also considered universally dangerous, leaving their “owners” no choice but to dismantle them, and in fact no reason to KEEP them!

Terror, too, because this system may just change almost EVERYTHING how we think about our current society, and even more for myself personally, the knowledge that there may some day be a large body of wealthy people who are thrown off their current positions of control of the world’s governments, and the very-real possibility that they may look for a “villain” to blame for their downfall. They will find one, in me, and at that time they will have the money and (thanks to me, at least partially) the means to see their revenge. But I would not have published this essay if I had been unwilling to accept the risk.

Finally, relief. Maybe I’m a bit premature to say it, but I’m satisfied we will be free. I’m convinced there is no alternative. It may feel like a roller-coaster ride on the way there, but as of today I think our destination is certain. Please understand, we will be free.

Your libertarian friend,

Jim Bell  ……. Assassination Politics

Nowadays though are novel arsenals loded with myriad other types of fantastic weapons to extraordinarily render fools their just desserts, and that is equally as terrifying methinks …… although significant others would consider that most reassuring.

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