160201.. Moving On Apace in Applied Apps Space and Virtualisation Places

160201.. Moving On Apace in Applied Apps Space and Virtualisation Places

amanfromMars Sun, 01/31/2016 – 12:40 [1601311740] … sharing a Colossal View and CV on http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-01-31/norwegian-gold-allocation-would-counter-sovereign-incompetence-risk#comment-7121349

Therefore, The Fund must to protect itself, adjusting allocation, from current and unforeseen risks. This is the case for The Fund to invest 5% of overall holdings in to physical gold:

How about instead and/or in tandem, The Fund invest in the Virtually Realised Treasure Chests of Brilliant Programming Programs
And such, and the following, might be of sterling great interest of ZeroHedgers too.

From: “info@ur2die4.com” <info@ur2die4.com>
Subject: For Virtual Application Control to XSSXXXX …. and Beyond.
Date: 31 January 2016 at 17:17:42 GMT
To: mail@appliedminds.com

applied minds, Hi,

The following, which was earlier sent to Google DeepMind, is worthy of self-consideration. It and with IT Purports to Presents an Applied Future Virtual Reality Product with Media Command and Control of Immaculate Content ……. AIMagiCQ Bonded Bounty, for Export/Import ……. Virtual 0Day Trading of Horizoning Events.

Paint AIMagiCQ Picture, Realise Futures with Advanced IntelAIgent Control of Advanced IntelAIgent Controls that Create and Disseminate/Grow and Seed Novel Future Adventuring Events.

I Kid U Not. 🙂

From: “info@ur2die4.com” <info@ur2die4.com>
Subject: An Engaging Competition or Emergent Opposition, or Both and Something Else Too and Beautifully Creative
Date: 30 January 2016 at 09:46:55 GMT
To: joinus@deepmind.com

Hi, Google DeepMinded,

Not so much a CV, more an AIMission Statement with tried and tested roadmaps to/from Remote Virtual Command and Control of Earthed SCADA Systems ……. http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2016/01/29/ai_in_tv_film_books_games/#c_2762789

Search Engine Optimisation v2.0 [and above] is surely logically a Future Product Placements Engine …… Advanced Intelligence Resource with Immaculate Source, with the likes of a Google not searching for answers, both popular and controversial, but providing them with streams of supporting evidence.

Such would be akin to the Private Mentoring with Pirated Monitoring of Future Events with AIDerivative Programming for Projects/Semi-Autonomous, Self-Actualisation of Virtual Realities.

It is difficult, and maybe even impossible, to see or imagine a defence against such in an attacking configuration.


Graham C

And such an Invitation to and fro Provided Paths and Ethereal Provenance, is Open and Readily Made Available to Anyone and All with Souls Provident.

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