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When elites lose control of the narrative, there are usually significant consequences. It is exciting to see “truth break out,” but one needs to be aware of the brooding vengefulness of those used to orchestrating history in order to generate the appropriate narrative.
Conclusion: Increasingly deprived of this ability, they are liable to strike out in numerous, unexpected ways. Truth is certainly not an unalloyed blessing in the 21st century. Please plan accordingly.

Surely it is fully to be expected, for it is only natural, that those used to orchestrating history in order to generate the appropriate narrative will be subject to front line activity/terrorist interest as uncomfortable and inequitable truths of misdeeds and misspeaks spread like wild fire. To not imagine it to be so, and the targeting to be surprisingly accurate, is a catastrophic ignorance and mindless arrogance of stupefying proportion which identifies the fool tool and pretender at rule.
Remember to never forget the Universal Cosmic Rule of Symmetry and Singularity …… Inevitably eventually always, what one gives is what one gets. Anything else would be perverse and corrupt and not at all fair and right proper and just.
A fundamental change from failed narratives to leading tales is the obviously simply complex program/project saviour though. For that is all that is needed to surely avert impending engulfing catastrophe. IT is not rocket science, nor difficult, this Great Media Lark Game, is it, although it does value novel and noble intelligence above all else that be just as fools’ gold, methinks.
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Re: The Mind Boggles ……. @Anonymous Coward

Frankly amfm, I imagine you. ….  Anonymous Coward

Methinks that thought in deed, indeed be a worthy twit of a tweet for a twat, AC. Bravo, Sir/Madam.
However, the truth of the matter being exercised in the thread here on El Reg Andrew Orlowski is the virtual intelligence of the head of the UK Civil Service is being publicly tested for fitness in future Greater IntelAIgent Games purpose.
A deathly hush and non reply telling one and all all that be needed to move on to greener fields. Such be the new way of working things nowadays. Time and tides/space and cyber movements wait for nothing and no one really.

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