151205/151206 ….. Another One of Those Strengthening Weekendings

151205/151206 ….. Another One of Those Strengthening Weekendings

amanfromMars 1 Sun 6 Dec 06:17 [1512060617] ….. letting IT rip on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2015/12/04/bofh_2015_episode_18/

“About using advanced technology in the workspace to enhance the workplace environment?” I ask. “You bet!”
“It would be great!” the PFY gasps, oozing enthusiasm.

Hmmmm? Taking matters and all manner of internetworking things somewhat further …..
Using AI for virtual space replaces the reality place with an engaging entangled work in progress environment. And whether IT be designedly used by Worshipful Grand Mastering Players for the Great and the Good, the Simple and the Evil, is the Great IntelAIgent Game Choice which identifies, separates and protects the Future Win Winner from All Past and Every Present Loser Wannabe Phormer Phishing in the See.
**** Live Operational Virtual Environment is All you Need. Believe it and Life in LOVE with and/or within IT is Absolutely Fabulous and Simply Fabless.
Wanna Play AI Greater IntelAIgent Games? And yes, that is for real and a quite surreal offering and not unreal virtual offer to boot and root for a hoot. Plant and materiel and labour will be provided free of charge at exceptional cost.
Or do you prefer IT all to be done for you, and to you …… is a, and even the leading AI question here and there, methinks.
Capiche, El Regers ‽ .

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