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Are there tentative comprehensive plans for franchisee type operations/an immediately ready prime business, in the likes of a UK whenever the tide of opposition to decriminalisation ebbs away to the occasional rant of no effective consequence, and cannabis use in all of its forms is mentored and monitored …… and of course taxed, for that is the way of bankrupting governments and intellectually challenged political bodies, is it not?
It would surely be an astute move and very professional proaction.


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As a member of the Washington State community, black market weed is flourishing…to avoid taxes from people in gubmint. …. Bolt Upright

And methinks that is the abiding problem for taxing government enterprises, Bolt Upright. The mighty righteous and free spirited will seek to scrupulously avoid that particular entrapment to pay excessively for what nature provides prolifically for next to nothing but a whole lot of loving, care and attention.

Methinks also, smarter “stoned” subjects are an absolute nightmare of a reality for any and all traditional/conventional establishment forms of command and control which be trying to command and control the masses with a wholesale, unquestioning acceptance of their version[s] of global events and unfolding media tales …….. virtual stories …. for is that not the true nature of media related news which purports to advise nations and peoples of the reality being delivered for their future occupation and enjoyment or horror? They are just unfolding stories of shared private thoughts not yet told to a great deceived public and nowadays broadbandcast to an increasingly hostile and more intelligent market place …… APT ACTive Space

APT ….. Advanced Persistent Threat
ACT …..Advanced Cyber Threat


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I expect that it will eventually be distributed by the normal retail chains. …. Impending Sky

As per the Dutch norm and “coffee shop” model, Impending Sky? It is a well tried and tested and quite popular distribution network which works wonderfully by all accounts/appearances.


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