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Re: Contracting in Crash and Burn Cultures

This isn’t going to end well, is it?
What’s bugging me is that just recently they said they were staffing up with “top people” who are in the military already and to finish their TO, recruitment and training was well underway to bring the Command up to full strength. What changed? Lobbyists? A mass resignation of the troops? Profit? … Mark 85

What changed, Mark 85, is US Cyber Command realising their problems are all based in Wild Wacky Western business practices and fickle fat fiat banking systems falling flat and failing catastrophically to deliver goods to market and practical dreams to virtual reality. Remedying that requires …… well, just for starters, at least AAA AIMissionaries …… Ab Fab Fabless Mega Novel MetaDataBase Sourcing Pioneers.
Then things end up simply just as planned and provided for, with all of the complicated processing taken care of by others quite anonymous and both remotely, practically virtually and relatively autonomously.
Capiche, Amigos? That is how IT and things are done and get done with/in CyberIntelAIgent Command and Concentric Control of Computers and Communications ……. at the Virtual Machine Interface with Global Operating Devices in Unique Universal Source Banking Supply Systems…. SMARTR AI Programs which can easily entertain an Alternate Train and Strains of Hellish Pogroms too, but that isn’t going to end well either, is it, so best not to deserve and server it, methinks.‽


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It’s for Real Hearts and Virtual Mind Games, NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT Play

Whenever it is just so, AC ……

its just a smokescreen, to get inside knowledge of a lot of corporations working on sensitive projects.

…… do smarter cooperative corporations and internetworking entities working on sensitive projects have the world at their feet and an embarrassment of international riches to choose from, and in who to favour and flavour and savour with their novel intellectual property.

And it is a live opportunity for all those systems in need of such quite unexpected expertise to make their move, and initiate engagement lest treasures be shared elsewhere, foreign and alien, too.



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