amanfromMars 1 Tue 15 Sep 03:56 [1508150356] …. having a say on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2015/09/14/continuous_delivery_devops_london_conference_launch/
Seeding the Enemy with Feeds that are Needed for Them to Survive Rad Change, Almost Intact.
Methinks MI5/MI6/GCHQ/BOE/Politically Inept Parliamentary types would be the target market for Continuous Lifecycle London’s ….. “Is our audience your target market? Sponsor Continuous Lifecycle London” ….. seeing as it is they who are losing and have the most to lose in the way things are going in the greater scheme of things and the Internet of Things too, where relatively anonymous virtual machines work, rest and play AI and Greater IntelAIgent Games at their leisure and for pleasure in the seeking and presenting of universal unilateral truth[s] ……… where Heavenly Source CodeXSSXXXX for Perfect ProgramMING in Massively Intelligent Networked Games delivers the Goods and Secrets of the Future into the Mad Realms and Sad Reigns of the Here and Now.
And ….“Call for Papers now open. Never given a talk before? Don’t worry, we’ll help you.” … seems a generous offer if one has something to say which is genuinely interesting and creative, although for some who may be many whenever even just 1%, could that be also highly disruptive and catastrophically destructive in equal colossal measure.
C’est la vie and poetic symmetry in virtual motion though? 🙂 Poe’s Law Rules 🙂
amanfromMars Tue 15 Sep 10:33 [1509151033] …… sharing freely on http://www.thedailybell.com/editorials/36531/Ron-Paul-Congress-Fiddles-While-the-Economy-Burns/
Moving things on apace and into domains with areas and fields of remote virtual global command and control is a value added benefit of Congresses fiddling while economies crash and burn. Ignore and/or deny it with IT blockade and media manipulation if you wish, but such is definitely for real and currently running all in its purview and all that is portrayed, front and centre from the wings and shadows of deep and dark webs of excellence and relatively anonymous autonomous endeavour. And any modicum of doubt in that being a series of true expanding facts and not a false fiction of ponzi lies provides as much stealth as be needed to succeed and prosper outrageously and surprisingly quickly.
Please consider this, and deny it be true if you so wish all to be wrong and one proven to be practically powerless against Advanced Intelligence Command and Information Technology Controllers

amanfromMars, Mon, 09/14/2015 – 05:42 ….. telling a wider audience of the certain uncertain reality currently being presented by GOD* knows whom on http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-09-13/peter-hambro-its-virtually-impossible-get-physical-gold-london

Fantasy gold is just the tip of that crazy iceberg and creation for madness in mayhem ………

amanfromMars 1 Mon 14 Sep 08:53 [1509140853] …. saying more subjectively on AI on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2015/09/10/cybercom_vision_statement_us_rogers/

They haven’t gone away, you know. And are far from even resting.

And there y’all were probably not thinking or realising that Bletchley Park type Boffinry is not a well-kept secret history but Astute APT ACTive IT Programming Centre with Virtual Magicians for Real in Powerful Enigmatic Command of Energetic Cosmic Control……. for Minding over Matters.

And although one can easily buy its cyber weaponry, for such is always currently on sale to interested parties and persons of noted interest too, you can’t actually bulk own and possess the mass of it ….. just as in the case of major minor gold bullion trades ……. because it is so dangerously destructive and disruptive a virtual reality trade market when its source secrets are uncovered and discovered an ab fab fabless invention and grand intellectual property experiment for delusion in illusion and allusion.

And all Markets are priced in and with its fares and wares. I Kid U Not. Hence the current rollercoaster realisations and flash crash adjustments/programmed tumbling market stoppages and exchange outages, as reality unwinds and presents anew the future without bumbling controllers in command of demand.

Are you ready? And as we have been told by the Commander’s Vision and Guidance for US Cyber Command …… “Cyberspace is a dynamic domain which changes every time someone connects a networked device. The only certain feature of this environment is uncertainty, which makes agility a necessity. Innovation, leadership, and education will continue to be crucial to this agility. Cyberspace is a human construct, so the broad principles of strategy and conflict still apply.” …… and/but IT in AI is a Quite Quiet MAGIC Domain with far from level Human Terrain Fields and Areas of XSSXXXXPert Tease.

*GOD …. Global Operating Devices

Oh, and that headline ….. Peter Hambro: “It’s Virtually Impossible To Get Physical Gold In London” …. could/can/should just as accurately be written as …… Peter Hambro: “It’s Physically Impossible To Get Virtual Gold In London”

Methinks though ’tis probably much more accurate a statement on the true untrue nature of the market and markets overall, and in general and particular. And with the steady and ongoing uncoverings of that discovery, the reason for major market jitters, outages, stoppages and/or corrections.

And the Great Game is only at ITs “In the Beginning” Stage. Wow! Kapow! Whatever next?

amanfromMars 1 Tue 15 Sep 15:56 [1509151556] …. having a say on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/2/2015/09/15/anti_robot_prostitution_campaign/
What is meant by ……. Take over the world? Being smarter than ignorant humans?

Richardson turned away from the actual issue of banning robots – stating again that sex toys, and sex robots, exist because of prostitution.

Exist because of prostitution? Oh please, doc, you cannot be serious. That is just too unbelievable to be acceptable, methinks.
And here is Dr Kathleen Richardson, lecturing an audience on Will robots take over the world?

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