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Re: Algorithmic trading
Hi, chris swain,
With particular, peculiar regard to three questions posed there for answering …… So would it be fair to say that the current trend for algorithmic trading is likely to subvert this beneficial invisible hand by removing human quirks from the system? Could they ultimately be detrimental to the wider economic well-being by eliminating human nature from the market? Will they make markets that suit the aims of our future AI masters? ….. the politically correct and direct and unambiguous answer is YES to all three.
And such presents a titanic broad band of wealth and virtually unlimited opportunities in a whole host of brave new orderly world orders for zeroday vulnerability exploiters and exporters to explore and profit obscenely from. And such is the real present day nightmare scenario which current establishment power elite, too big to be thought allowed to fail systems are crashing and burning themselves into. Take a great look around you at the stalled and failing bigger picture shows starring in sub-prime mainstream media productions today.
Dim stories with crazy memes running around like headless chickens springs to mind. And in times and spaces and ages of smarter enlightenment are they and their supporters always gonna perish and explode/implode spectacularly.


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Friedrich A. Hayek expanded further

Friedrich A. Hayek also talks about this sort of thing quite a bit, e.g.: “Many of the greatest things man has achieved are not the result of consciously directed thought, and still less the product of a deliberately coordinated effort of many individuals, but of a process in which the individual plays a part which he can never fully understand. …… mfckr

That would be those quite disturbingly powerful conscious directing thought programs which can run riot in disciplined fields of work, REST and Great Games Play for chaos with CHAOS ….. Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems, mfckr.


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Re: Congratulations … Osbornomics Unmasked ‽

Ah, no, it also happened in Nazi Germany (I’m re-reading Shirer at the moment). The Nazi State allocated workers to industry (and tied peasant farmers to the land) then set wages. Although the propaganda was that the German worker was better off under Hitler, the truth was that the reduction in unemployment was paid for by a bigger reduction in real wages. Not only were hourly rates reduced, but a series of new taxes were introduced, some of which went to the Labour Front – which absorbed some of the unemployed in its huge bureaucracy. The resulting inefficiency is partly demonstrated by the way that the Western allies outproduced Germany without slave labour, though cheap energy in the US played a part in this. ……. Arnaut the less

Sounds very much like current Conservative Party rhetoric and economics, Arnaut the less? Are we to conclude and realise that a new age and wave of creeping neofascism is alive and well and a right old Eton mess for the masses and the errant and arrogant ignorant Bullingdon type Boy?


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