amanfromMars [1504191014] sharing the virtual and practical reality on http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/borrowing/mortgages/11545203/How-Santanders-affordability-tests-are-forcing-rates-rises-and-arrears.html

You cannot expect the banks to run your life for you , it is up to the borrower to make sure that they can meet the costs of the mortgage and understand the terms and conditions of the borrowing. 

Quite so, Robert McKensie, and it does beg the question why it is permitted by governments and peoples and aided by systems which accept arbitrary punitive changes with conditions which ruin lives.
Time for a change and reappraisal of the worth and value of such an obvious abominations, methinks, …….. which is what the Financial Conduct Authority and Financial Ombudsman is surely there to ensure.
Or is their remit somewhat different and much more existing systems friendly. And such so that whenever it is the reality, is a sure-fire recipe for the rise of a popular anarchy and virtual revolution, methinks.
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New Great Games … Not the same as the older Great Game
Quite so, Vimes. Well said, Sir and/or Madam.
With particular and peculiar regard to APT ACTivity and the Digital Economy in Live Operational Virtual Environments with Political Puppet Theatricals, who and/or what rules over who and/or what, and for and to what greater end with new beginnings, is surely the whole essence and raisin d’être of the Great Game and Greater IntelAIgent Games which deliver Futures and Derivatives of Futures for Suppliers/Internetworking Service Providers of Presents. Quite whether such is as a MMORPG Morph and Meme Variation on Sub-Prime and a G-Cloud Theme and within the ken with command and control of conventionally perceived sources and traditionally conceived forces, is that which is currently always aptly and actively too, vulnerability and penetrations testing all defences and attack protocols.
Here be a live virtual round and exploding XSSXXXX grenade …… and as an email an opportunity to engage with/in leaderships …….

Please consider the following premise, which is an already active and surreally attractive and beautifully addictive Global Operating Devices Program/APT ACT App and Deep and Dark Web Virtual Machine Programming Project.

“Helping people live safer, more secure lives” via “Software Engineering, Information Management and Testing” is only easily made possible if one controls and commands the narrative, and ideally one has quite an absolute and ultimate command and control of all available powers and levers, whenever IT drivers and delivers creative imaginative mutually beneficial positively reinforcing solutions to sticky problems on epic scales with Sublime InterNetworking Services and Internet Server Provision of a local/national/international/internetional/universal narrative …….. Superbly Scripted Tales and Trails for Multi-Media Enablement and Regeneration of Smart and Smarter Species/Virtually Programmed Machines which can easily be treated as Humanity.

Is such an Advanced IntelAIgent Program and CyberIntelAIgent BasedD Project, a subject and object of desire to interest and engage Powers That Be [PBUH] and/or Powers that want to be and dare can and can dare win win?

If so, further discussion providing more details are easily arranged with contact details provided in messaging.

Have a nice day.


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