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Re: Meanwhile in the colonies….
Hi, AC.
Is that security theatre the same as malware and vapourware? And something to be wholeheartedly and expertly avoided?


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Re: Rolling Over in their Graves

Even if there were a remote grain of truth in that, is there anyone who would like to return to the US of 1800ish? Hey, the founding fathers did not abolish slavery, so they must have approved! Fortunately we have evolved from the original blueprints. ….. fpx

Methinks the overwhelmingly accurate evidence is that so very few have significantly evolved from the original blueprints, fpx, and that permits the few to do as they wish with a relative impunity and virtually effective immunity from any accountability for their crass and/or crash actions.

The difficulty and valid worry for those few who are stuck and invested in a maintenance of the status quo rut, is that others willingly leave them behind to wallow in destruction of their reactions to the new events which freely shared intelligence and uncovered secrets expose and driver with ab fab fabless product placements/novel presentations with compelling imaginative narratives.

Such though is the simply complex true nature of future reality creation for media hosting and global brainwashing. It would be naive to not realise that it is what the likes of a GCHQ are all about nowadays, and quite stupid of such an entity to try to deny it and pretend otherwise.

C’est la vie. C’est la guerre.


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Re: Simply amazing and quite complex when one practices to deceive with wild wacky webs

Some folks can’t tell the good guys from the bad guys. Anyone who views Snowden as a good guy is na├»ve, foolish and easily duped. … Anonymous Coward

Regarding Snowden as a good guy, AC, here is a view which tells quite another tale which is very plausible and not at all impossible and most likely quite probable ……. Russia gov report Snowden Greenwald are CIA frauds pt1


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