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In SMARTR IT Networks and Knightly Round Tables, it never rains but it pours.

I for one will trust my data to the chinese rather than our lot, always buy cheap knockoffs.
In the infinitesimal chance that I do something ‘evil’ ( and nowadays in the western world that seems to equate more or less to existing as a citizen and dropping litter ) I’d far rather that it was noticed half a world away than by my local council.
Now where’s the chinese start-up producing knock off SIMS?
If there isn’t one
PROFIT …. stewwy

What supposedly Elite and Too Big to Fail type occidental leaderships most rightly should nowadays, and forever more into the future, be fully mindful and most probably quite reasonably terrified of, is if you are smarter product of Western ingenuity, the East would logically be a place with space to provide and reward every opportunity to demonstrate one’s mind bending and intelligence mining craft honing skill sets, and especially so if discoveries one be making at home be able to be remotely enabled to result in catastrophic destruction and systemic disruption of localised and national international SCADA engines/exclusive executive office administrations, and there be no rewarding home market for protective and/or preventative non-disclosure services/agencies.
And with further regard to ….

Hack into the GCHQ/NSA/FBI/DHS/etc. as a citizen without the backing of a state and it won’t end well for you. … Anonymous Coward

…… is the following an exploit to test for fitness of purpose.
And which state to be an agent for is a novel virtual part of the …. well, let us imagine IT now as a Great Intelligence Game with Sublime and Surreal AIMethodologies and NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive Defence Weapons Systems, for one is not tied to any particular or peculiar national/international/internetional choice nowadays whenever/where the global private and pirate commercial and banking sectors can try to chaotically control nations and humanity remotely with APT actions increasingly badly and ineffectively designed to try and protect and save themselves from popular violent revolution?

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