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Re: UKIPpers take note
Hi, Ledswinger and El Reg stalwarts,
Just in case you missed it, here be a current enough account of fears and follies to be expounded and monetised ….
Mass Surveillance ….. What are the risks for the citizens and the opportunities for the European Information Society?…. What are the possible mitigation strategies? …..
Part 1 – Risks and opportunities raised by the current generation of network services and applications …… http://www.statewatch.org/news/2015/jan/ep-stoa-report-mass-surveillance-part-1.pdf
And methinks with particular and peculiarly targeted regard to…. I wonder what government will be busy protecting me from in fifteen years time? Aliens or comets seem the most probable.…. it is much more the case of what they [governments/those individuals who phorm and class themselves as governments] will be busy protecting themselves from, as more increasingly sensitive and damaging information is freely shared over internetworking networks and advanced malleable media devices and secure failsafe intelligence systems.
It does appear to be that they think themselves about reproach and scrutiny and that always invites exactly what they would least expect and enjoy but most certainly would thoroughly deserve. The following was in today’s session of Prime Minister’s Questions ……..

Sir Roger Gale (North Thanet) (Con):
The former Prime Minister Mr Blair had to be summoned to the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee yesterday to reluctantly give evidence. We now understand that the director-general of the BBC, Lord Hall, is refusing to give evidence to another Select Committee on the grounds that he is a Member of Parliament. He is also a paid public servant. Is it not time that we reviewed the matter of parliamentary privilege in this place?

The Prime Minister:
I will look very carefully at what my hon. Friend says. Obviously it is a matter for the Select Committee and the House, but the general rule should be that people involved in the senior management of the BBC who are summoned to appear in front of a Select Committee should come, because the BBC needs to be, and is, publicly accountable. I think Lord Hall does a very good job at the BBC, and I am sure he would give a good account of himself, but I will have a careful look at what my hon. Friend says.

If GCHQ and the Secret Intelligence and Security Services are not monitoring the every action and communication of Parliamentarians, are they unfit for future leading Great Game purpose, and one would be quite right to be expecting head office resignations on the matter.

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