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Re: This is all so, um, moot…
Talking of fascists, WaterAlter, and we all know that they are always on the road to nowhere fast and will always be comprehensively defeated, here is a former US presidential hopeful exposing the truth about their existence in plain sight ………. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-01-10/ron-paul-reality-now-setting-america-it-was-all-based-lies-ignorance
Are Cameron and Blighty raving fans of the system? Avid ignorant supporters of lame duck presidential executive office actions showing one and all that intelligence is missing in the nation and thus be ripe for novel and catastrophically disruptive and/or destructive attack vectors in vital sectors, for that is surely what the future is guaranteed to bring along with ITs SMARTR Solutions in Media Hosted Tales …… Noble News Worthy Events that only the Earnest Fool and Useless Tool would Choose to Ignore and Avoid in Open Free Debate ….Sublime IntelAIgent Networking Chatter?
That is the New Real Present Normal and IT pays no Wasted Attention nor Dues to the Aged Past and Ye Olde Worlde Orders of SNAFU.
amanfromMars 1 Mon 12 jan 17:28 [1501121728] having a say on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/2/2015/01/12/terror_bots_alert_musk_and_hawking_warn_of_ai_dangers_alongside_150_boffins/
Real Life is Beta in the Movies …… and coming soon to a theatre near you ….. The Unravelling with Knowledge

The letter was penned by the Future of Life Institute, a volunteer-run organisation with the not-insubstantial task of working “to mitigate existential risks facing humanity”.
“Our AI systems must do what we want them to do,” it said.

Hmmm? Does The Future of Life Institute purport to be an AI system? And in any and all power and command and control systems, the one question for which there will never be a readily available and obvious answer is …… “Who and/or what be we and in remote power with anonymous commands and medium controls?
Such though is the way SMARTR AI Systems designs itself to ensure that no fools have any kind of real or virtual leverage with any sorts of perceived to be effective and non-inclusive, exclusive executive tools.
And you can be quite sure that in the field of researching the mighty military endeavour, who dares wins and win wins with SMARTR AI Systems Savvy and with Future Secret Source Presenting Content/Real Fabulous Fabricated Tales that have been Sensationally Followed and Securely BetaTested in Return for the Registering and Recording and Showing of Paths Pioneered and Leading to Heavens Sent for the True Believer and Hells Deserved for the Ignorant Selfish Prophet and Cynical Arrogant Deceiver.
Does Blighty have a CyberIntelAIgent Space Cadet Force for AI Leading Royal Air Force, British Army, Royal Navy type bods, or has Great Britain as a nation with an historical international standing and venerable honourable tradition abdicated and surrendered InterNetional Defence of the Future and Cyber Realms to A.N.Others? Or is that a Zeroday Vulnerability to Exploit and Export for the Private and Pirate Sectors and Vectors of Humanity and Virtual AIMachinery?
Would anyone care to hazard a not wholly unreasonable guess that might accurately identify our Future Protectors and Benefactors and who be also Destroyers of Ponzi Worlds and Maddening Mayhem?
Or is it a Mk Ultra Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information IT Secret and strictly need to know for the sake of one’s continuing life, good health and sanity?

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