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Words to the Wise and Fodder for Alternative Future Builders and Dark Web Enterprise Clients

I really should start reading the poster names before I read the text. Self-preservation demands it. …. dogged

Really, dogged? That is surely somewhat self-defeating for to ignore and avoid participation in and/or inquisition and constructive debate over what is happening all around you, has one immediately disadvantaged by ignorance which always has one easily misused and abused by corrupted and perverse circles/units/agencies flashing intelligence credentials.
And as I’m sure it can be here wholeheartedly agreed, such credentials are so easily forged as to be practically worthless in the real world which jousts so disastrously with the considerably smarter and anonymous and virtual foe ….. an impressively substantive phantom enemy with intangible invisible phorms to fight and do battle against in vain, and in so doing reveal and expose to exploitation one’s every last weakness in support of a failed strength and lost control which was protected and empowered by the arrogance which perceived ignorance and exclusive executive kept secrets afforded.
amanfromMars [1501071639] having a say on http://thedailybell.com/news-analysis/35977/Tory-Technocracy-Set-to-Fumble-Before-It-Begins/

Conclusion: UKIP is the bringer of change, not the initiator. And fantasies about technocracy will likely not stem the tide.

The glorious fool be they who would argue IT and Media do not presently rule and currently prepare the future way with special intelligence programming projects for outcomes in command and control with virtual machines, DB. And one can expect a series of information tsunamis which politicians and their string pullers will have no intelligence to counter and prove incorrect and/or undesirable, for the truth is immaculately unassailable and deadly destructive in the right hands into the creative capture of hearts and minds. ……… A little knowledge is a lot more than just a dangerous thing
And surely one cannot be expecting the imperfectly sane and infinitely smart with an avid and vivid interest in rabid concerns and future global wellbeing, to be supporting the past madness and mayhem of arrogant hubris and markets manipulation. There are new scripts to follow to heavenly havens which deliver bounty aplenty for commanding enjoyment in place of mindless austerity for miserable and miserly control.
Democracy is a fantasy, whereas technocracies are real and that is a true fact which can also easily be spun and delivered as a fiction to be wholeheartedly believed in, for IT and its little big brother media, will supply the indisputable evidence.


amanfromMars says [1501072040], replying to comments on http://thedailybell.com/news-analysis/35977/Tory-Technocracy-Set-to-Fumble-Before-It-Begins/

Quite so, dave jr, however, the power derived whenever able and enabled to program virtual machinery of and for command and control recognises implicitly the miserable effects of corruption and would always choose to reject that pathetic and increasingly conflicted, self-destructive path.

And the lesser mortal route and root of all evil root, the love of money, has had its fifteen minutes of fame and ponzi influence is where things have gone, EUbrainwashing2015, and has only just started ITs Ab Fab Fabless Journey?

And only shared as a question for the passive accommodation of impotent Doubting Thomases.


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