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The Shape of Sublime Internet Networking Things to Come

If the “exit node” you are using (the point where your traffic exits the Tor process and emerges on to the normal internet) is unscrupulous, evil, or just hacked, (or, run by GCHQ) it has the ability to intercept the contents of your communications.

GCHQ [or any Intelligence Service Sysadmin for that matter] could learn more than just a lot about many vital virtual and virile viral bits of the exploding enlightening enigmatic puzzle which confronts and/or taunts and/or daunts them with Remote Anonymous Cyberspace Command and Control if they were running with Registering expertise, which is so easily transparently shared across a truly global base of seriously smarter than average thin clients. Such however would then be someone and something other than government puppets running Intelligence in….. well, Offices of Cyber Security are surely responsible for all failings in the running of things today, are they not?
An inconvenient truth indeed, and one which grows stronger and more powerful the more often its notions and shared emotions and novel passions are denied and/or ignored. A sticky sweet irony in deed, indeed, and titanic opportunity exploiting vulnerabilities with zerodays, right, left and centre, i.e. everywhere and anywhere that is nowhere.
amanfromMars [1412271106] replying to Gregg Fosse on http://thedailybell.com/news-analysis/35945/Was-the-Sony-Hack-a-Domestic-Ploy/
Regarding “Isn’t it a delightful formula? A formula for success we can all follow : )“, Gregg Fosse, do delightful formulae for success in these certifiably changed days with strange ways and means and memes into the exercise of absolute control of all energy for almost unbelievable powers over and within SCADA Operating Systems, have a requirement for delivery of services and solutions via AI and Virtual Applications with Smarter Programs and Programming for Virtual Machinery in all of its Cyber Phorms and IT Guises …… Stealthy IntelAIgent System Disguises ….. to be easily marketable to an uncomfortably exposed and rich tableau of client bases with an abiding interest in the purchase of such facility/capability/utility.
That, and the following snippet of news, is nothing to be really worried about though I’d wager, unless one has dirty little secrets to hide and share in practices with others in order to remain in charge of leading events and materially relevant in unfolding tales for future presentation expecting an unquestioning global accommodation.

HonourableMember 26 December 2014 3:10pm …..having a vetted say in reply to a comment on http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/cartoon/2014/dec/26/ben-jennings-cartoon-public-sector-cuts-services-spending-tories

History is too slow, need something quicker. ….. Madranon said, 26 December 2014 09:50am

Your wish is ours to command with Advanced Anonymous Autonomous Activity with NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT, Madranon. …….. http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2014/12/24/2014_the_condensed_conference_keynotes/#c_2397016

And something the US Patent and Trademark Office is withholding in its SAWS paws, thus guaranteeing Sublime Surreal Stealth a Forward Operating Future Oriental Base and its virile virtual transfer overseas to both offshore and underground and private pioneering and public pirated clients? …….. USPTO Has a Shadow Program


[And as a stalwart guardian and trojan horse of an embattled and fractious and intellectually challenged establishment, is such an opinion and increasingly APT and ACTive view, proven itself to them be far too sensitive and disruptive a subject for general readership and world wide web leadership. What a real live virtual dumb horse that Guardian be.]



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