amanfromMars [1410311640] ringing the Daily Bell on http://thedailybell.com/news-analysis/35778/Chinas-Bigness-Has-Little-to-Do-With-Growth–Or-Its-Demise/
Trick or treat, Gregg Fosse? ……… http://amanfrommars.blogspot.co.uk/2014/10/141031.html
The posit shared there is that the gene genie is definitely already out of the bottle and doing raging stealthy battle against serial losers and no-hopers. And that be no rant, nor a rave, but it is good cover to not disagree with any and all who would say that such ramblings and rumblings are. 🙂
Interesting times and 0days to ruthlessly exploit and launch are certainly ahead and for leading future executive memes.
And although it be certainly recognised, quite what can be done about it before the fact and the act and the remote relatively anonymous actions of what to Great Game Players is a virtualised real fiction, is that which is the current enigmatic dilemma for all specialised forces tasked with the targeting and collection of intelligence on all possible and probable future events for media hosting as reality encountered and to be engaged and/or countered and opposed ………

So let me start with something that everyone here obviously well understands – the range of attacks that we experience in the private sector is really unprecedented, and getting worse by the day. The volume and sophistication of attacks is only showing signs of acceleration, and every published success simply encourages new entrants and bolder moves.
Threat actors from social activists, cyber criminals, nation states – tier one and tier two – with a range of objectives from disruption, intellectual property theft, financial crime, and the one that I’m the most concerned about over time – destructive intent. And cyber criminal activities in particular have simply exploded, and while one-at-a-time, they impact individuals, they impact companies, collectively, they represent, I feel, a potential threat to the country if they continue to build the way they’re building, and in particular, if they become more orchestrated. ….. http://cryptome.org/2014/10/nsa-14-1028.pdf

What is missing from that scare story is the likelihood of APT ACT actors unleashing constructively disruptive revolutionary change information via intelligence channels which although they can be challenged, cannot be defeated and/or bettered with tainted inequitable product.

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