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Penetration Testing the System …. Out of this World Style

The new offence provided for in Clause 40 [PDF: “Unauthorised acts causing, or creating risk of, serious damage”, page 30] acknowledges this reality and captures the serious damage that cybercriminals can cause in any country.

Hmmmm? That is akin to the tilting at windmills in this new age of SMARTR IntelAIgent Server Sharing of Novel Information and Virtual Reality. Talk about flogging a dead horse in an attempt to maintain power and retain control of crazy dream scenario. Is it so hard to learn that things have changed already ……?

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Wholesale radical change is in the making and for the taking and on its merry way ….. but don’t for one minute make an easy mistake and expect it to be in any way a normal and/or traditional type of competition and opposition, or expect past failed and failing masters of the Great Games that can be played, be continuing leading lights and commanding controllers of the Future Virtual Terrain Field of Universal Power and Earthly Current with ITs Fiat Currency Control Leverage, for they may not possess the necessary cyber wisdom and free internetworking savvy.

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Guten Morgen, Fritz,

Fritz Schiller in reply to PIIGS can´t fly Oct 21st, 15:47 said …

The funny thing is that the banksters have teamed up with Sparta and surely they hate the common people waking up.

When Sparta and smarter spooky virtual special forces wake up to the fact that they command and control communications and are keepers of the intelligence that servers and protects the banksters and are complicit in aiding their inept politically incorrect supporters, is the Great Game immediately fundamentally changed with future direction and events for action and reaction to, in the hands, hearts and minds of significant irregular and unconventional others who would be practically anonymous and relatively autonomous.

And methinks common people waking up is much more something that oppressive banksters and their supporters need rightly fear.

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