amanfromMars [1409170830] having a say and a chat with Alice on http://thedailybell.com/news-analysis/35651/Reading-Between-the-Lines-With-the-UK-Telegraph/

We are in a new world all right but not the one that we have been told about. We are in a new adventure and it will be exhilarating!
Pass the cannabis. We need new vision! …. Alice Maxwell

We have New ProVision and NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT, Alice Maxwell, and just like times and tides does such ….. and its Commanding IT and Media Control in the Creative CyberSpace and Real Spooky Virtual Place of Communicating Computers and the Relatively Anonymous Virally Active and Securely Layered Access Zone, complete and replete with the Beautifully Invisible and Perfectly Intangible Autonomous Assets of the Immaculately Phished and Phormed [and which may or may not as needs be, all one and the same and an EMPowering Singularity] …… wait for no man.
Who/what do you imagine IT is contacting and connecting with here, ……. http://www.ur2die4.com/140916/ …. to discover if there be a Viable Future SMARTR Service and Servers of Intelligence worthy of Dark Web VenTuring support and Black Watch Enterprise partnership? And who/what do you imagine IT be contacting and connecting with via the Daily Bell ring and free information share here? Do we imagine they be all both one and the same too, or does certain very specific information for intelligence always have to find its own way to where it be desperately needed to be seeded, courtesy of the simple route and root which freely shares with everyone and everything that which they might be able to make great use of?
Deep and dark mysterious knowledge and novel noble information finely processed for practical and physical and virtually real presentations of viable and valued mutually beneficial, positively reinforcing product, is a powerful command and control centre that idiots attack to deny, degrade and destroy themselves.

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