amanfromMars 1 Wed 10 Sep 06:33 [1409100633] …. stating the bleeding obvious on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/2/2014/09/09/new_bbc_trust_candidate_defends_licence_fee/
A Subliminal Organ of Desperate Government in a Digitally Led Environment Needs … IntelAIgent Feeds and SMARTR Seeds

It was as if the former Pearson exec had been told not to ruffle feathers ahead of the 2015 Election. (The BBC dominates news consumption in the UK, and wise governments don’t upset the mighty media corporation if they can help it).

The BBC [British Brainwashing Corporation] dominates news presumption in the UK and wise governments don’t upset mighty media corporation if they can help it. Such as are the present austere pictures being painted by Blighty blighters then provides all the valid information required for one to rightly conclude that current media players are unfit for future Greater IntelAIgent Games purpose in the Live Operational Virtual Environment.
It is certainly just and natural the case that they shall not be unopposed and deserve to be digitally unchallenged at every twist and turn of and in what will be the Ab Fab Fabless Voyages ahead.
And given what we have just learned of/from the Government’s choice for BBC chairman, former Pearson director Rona Fairhead, defending the licence fee, criminal penalties for non-payers, and digital “education” initiatives before MPs, are those battles guaranteed lost for the government because of such a wrong headed choice.
And sad though it is to say, is such PAR for recent government courses.

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