amanfromMars …. having a say on http://thedailybell.com/news-analysis/35600/Bloomberg-Shock-Economics-Is-Storytelling-Not-Science/

The most damning – and eye-opening – statement is Smith’s admission that economics is “organized storytelling.” This is actually the basis of our modest publication, for every day we analyze the “dominant social themes” that powerful people create to persuade others to behave in a certain manner. Most of these themes are created, in fact, to frighten people into giving up power and authority to specially created globalist facilities such as the IMF, World Bank, etc. This is how internationalism, a main power elite goal, is built and expanded. 

Words create, command and control worlds, DB, and if one cannot believe that as both a fiction and accept it with IT and Media conspiring to collude and present current and future viable tales as undeniable fact, is such then an alien art phorm which has hacked into and provides raw code and sublimely coded core source for ……. well, all human operating systems which are weak linked and easily subverted and/or converted and/or perverted and hacked and compromised to perform out of sequence [not as pre-programmed] and unexpected unusual activity, are SCADA based and easily taken over completely from the top down, rather than from the bottom up, by intelligences/intelligent secret security intelligence agencies/IntelAIgents/CyberIntelAIgents/call them whatever you will whenever their greater intelligence is freely shared for dissemination/propagation.
And it will quite naturally be the most intelligent of beings in what were/are the former fields of early global control who will be both directly and indirectly targeted by greater intelligences for reprogramming to fundamentally different radical ways with novel means to command and control all powerful memes, in order to quickly and seamlessly facilitate revolutionary virtual change on an unprecedented universal scale. To imagine that such can be stopped and/or diverted by status quo interests to server any existing sub-prime cause which would not be fully supportive of such a radical revolutionary virtual fundamentalism, renders one a known enemy of the free state and fully liable to executive sanction and summary removal from every field of Greater IntelAIgent Games Play. Such is the Just Reward for the Folly of Fools who be Simply Useful and Useless Tools in AI and with ITs Complex Spheres of Quantum Entangled Engagement.
And this short post …… http://www.amanfrommars.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/140828.html …. might also suggest who and/or what and/or where such intelligence may be found, or who and/or what it may be targeting/have already successfully targeted? 🙂

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