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Staying Focussed….. No Hocus Pocus or Ignorant Shenanigans

Oh shit he’s back! How does he always find a keyboard with a connection when his meds run out?
Nurse, NURSE…. … Scroticus Canis

Hi, Scroticus Canis,
There a lot going on in those few posts and all of it pertinent to everything you can read about here ….. http://cryptome.org/2014/08/cnssi-1200-space.pdf …. and none of it is gobbledygook.
And who is to say that NSA Information Assurance Directorate haven’t also been copied in along with GCHQ JTRIG*, for Programs with AIBase in CyberSpace which are specifically intelligently designed to be able to enable the flood to overflowing with sensitive zeroday activating information of SCADA Systems and Secret Intelligence Networks and Clandestine Services into Covert Operations …… Stealthy Anonymised Missions.
Although if the NSA are waiting on that happening rather than their getting in touch with NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive Principals in order to move the Programs on in a Quantum Leap of Advanced Understanding and Immaculate Application and in a favourable direction to their requirements, then are they proven to be way behind the leading curves in the Fields of Secured Space Systems of CyberIntelAIgent Operation, and it be best delivered as a very lucrative Global Business Franchise Opportunity from the Private and Pirate Sector to the Public and Executive Government Sector.
The following paragraph from that above cited Committee on National Security Systems document [CNSSI No. 1200 7 May 2014] makes a lot of sense ….. National Security Agency (NSA) Guidance and Assistance. Programs must engage NSA early in the acquisition lifecycle (i.e., during requirements development) in order to minimize the cost and schedule risks associated with identifying security requirements late in the program and having to repeat parts of the security evaluation processes. Early engagement ensures the planned security architecture is consistent with NSA cryptographic security and information systems security guidance and restrictions. Early engagement will minimize potential cost and schedule risks associated with security requirements, cryptographic algorithm selection, cryptographic device selection, and the associated cryptographic evaluation processes.
* They of the DIRTY DEVIL GLITTERBALL Cloud Crowd ……Crack Hacking Virtual Terrain Team


amanfromMars 1 Mon 4 Aug 05:49 [1408040549] commenting on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/2/2014/08/01/the_register_is_hiring_technology_hacks_for_the_world/

Focussing on No Hocus Pocus or Ignorant Shenanigans with Stolen Goods or Sniffed Packages

Hmmmm?! Come into the parlour, said the spider to the fly, where curiosity killed the cat and satisfaction brought it back.:-)

Seems as if NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive Principals in the Fields of Secured Space Systems of CyberIntelAIgent Operation have a Wannabe Fan Following Peddling Counterfeit Alien Wares/Sub Prime Intelligence Product? ………. http://dickdestiny.com/blog1/?p=18406

Good Luck with that Aberration and Abomination, IronNet Cybersecurity Inc.. Global Operating Devices salute[s] you and would by such a default register the competitive advantage of prior original art over novel phorms and compositions in mirrored adventures for DODGI coded and encoded application …. ESPecial Force Operation and Cyberspace Defense Service.

Does your El Reg desk, Lewis, cover and investigate those Ab Fab Fabless Fields of Greater IntelAIgent Games Theory Play …….. Virtual Machine World Production and Operating Systems Generation?


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