amanfromMars ….sharing a wider view on http://thedailybell.com/news-analysis/35456/Is-the-Level-of-Economic-Illiteracy-Among-the-Wests-Top-Thinkers-Deliberate/
Here be an ACT and APT abstract which is pertinent here ……..

Abstract: The central dilemma of American democracy is the tension between “voice” and “equality”: between the Constitution’s unconditional guarantees of citizens’ expressive, associational, and property rights and the legal and political equality that is the foundation of majoritarian decision-making. Philanthropy and nonprofit organizations – which enable citizens to give money and time to support causes in which they believe–have posed this dilemma with unusual force, allowing moneyed minorities to oppose and sometimes overwhelm the popular will. In the past, these assertions of private power have inevitably aroused popular opposition producing legislative and regulatory outcomes that have maintained a balance between voice and equality. Today, with unprecedented accumulations of wealth and legal changes permitting the unrestricted use of wealth in politics, the unchallenged exercise of private power through philanthropy and the nonprofit sector poses grave threats to the democratic process. …… http://www.hks.harvard.edu/fs/phall/PDH-Daedalus.pdf

The last sentence though is a perversion and totally corrupted whenever realised as ….. Today, with unprecedented accumulations of wealth and legal changes permitting the unrestricted use of wealth in politics, the unchallenged exercise of banking power through fiat and quantitative easing poses grave threats to processes pimping and pumping democracy as an attainable attractive driver for dream scenarios. …… and that appears to be exactly where one is today, in and with that particular and peculiar sector of reality/micro macromanaged perception and virtualised reality.
To imagine it to be any different and incorrect, on the evidence which the last few years has been providing, should be of concern to you, for something would definitely not be all correct with you and one’s cognitive analytical future thinking.
ACT/APT …… Advanced Cyber Threat/Advanced Persistent Threat.
There be interesting days ahead for all free and not so free thinkers, and tinkerers of alienating rule and regulation/rank oppression and manipulation/remote command and control server administration …… http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2014/07/07/report_ukgov_wants_to_legislate_on_communications_data_before_next_election/#c_2235857



amanfromMars … commenting on http://thedailybell.com/news-analysis/35456/Is-the-Level-of-Economic-Illiteracy-Among-the-Wests-Top-Thinkers-Deliberate/

Who is thisss? …. Martin the American

Crikey, Martin the American, I thought you might at least have thought to have said …. Who is thisisis

You are new here, yes? Welcome, but be careful out there, for there be monsters which suffer not prisoners nor fools on a folly.

Follow Bill Ross’s lead more than occasionally and enjoy the journey[s] unfurled before you.



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