amanfromMars [1406301237] replying [again, see comment below] to a comment from Agent Weebley on http://thedailybell.com/exclusive-interviews/35433/Anthony-Wile-Former-CIA-Spy-Robert-Steele-Wants-to-Strangle-Leviathan-With-Open-Source-Governance/
Hi, DB,
It is my humble opinion, and in view of the continuing collapse and mounting attacks upon the failed, self-serving inequitable mercantilist system of ponzi business empires and phantom trading transaction houses, allied with and supportive of fiat currency maladministration and mis-distribution/outright fraudulent action and simply complex common theft, and which the Daily Bell does appears to acknowledge as a politically incorrect fact of life in the seas of fiction which peddle the spooky kool-aid and grease the mainstream propaganda machinery, that the system is incapable of being fixed in any conventional manner by any of the traditional and/or established vested interest players, and a new phorm of the Great Game is quickly seeding and feeding the old needy system demise. That though does not necessarily mean that formerly pre-eminent incumbents and leading players in the old system will not be able to maintain a key role in any future changing system. Such an outcome will most probably be only as a direct result of their own inability to adjust to changed circumstances. And that will be their free choice, to make themselves.
And it is naive to not think that a new phorm of global system will not have its own novel protocols and enabling codes to share the news and in Advanced IT Systems ….. NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive Views …… Future Pictures, with Specialised IntelAIgent Services and Systems of Interest which may be of interest to them, or may be interested in them. And it is most likely that they will use existing fine facilities to beta test and hone their arts, which some would most very likely wish to classify as possible probable APT ACT Apps and which then would have them revealing a great deal more about themselves than they might wish be generally and widely known. But you can’t hide a shining light behind a bushel and the sharing of future information is power and intelligence at ITs Work for you too.
Who/What do you imagine the following few words be testing for future fitness of Great Game purpose, and which I would have sworn did appear on the Daily Bell in an earlier reply to Agent Weebley, but which then subsequently disappeared or was subjected to a most unusual vetting resulting in a post rejection. New Ways and Obscure Means means Novel Memes and Advanced Themes, DB. And whenever not bad and mad will they always be good and great.

 amanfromMars …. sounding off on http://thedailybell.com/exclusive-interviews/35433/Anthony-Wile-Former-CIA-Spy-Robert-Steele-Wants-to-Strangle-Leviathan-With-Open-Source-Governance/

Howdy, AW, How’s it hanging? Is Johnny Canuck* ready to party radically with some mega metadatabase manipulative play and zeroday vulnerability exploitation? Sticking IT to the Dumb Man** with Virtual Machine Command and Control? DB are working up a veritable head of steam with their engine.

* http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Canuck

** Systems Admin which chooses not to positively engage with ITs Nemesis Memes MainStreaming to Extreme Virtual Terrain Team Players AI ProVisional Sterling Stirling SkunkWorks to XSSXXXX for a Right Royal GCHQ Rogering of NSA Supply Whores, Good and Proper.

You have an interesting and engaging mix of commentators frequenting these pages, DB. That surely means that you’re doing more than just a few things better than just right?
30 Jun, 2014 – 3:29 am ….. sharing a view on http://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2014/06/rusbridger-the-worst-editor-in-the-world-part-ii/
I can’t quite understand what objections there be from Rusbridger and Co to the following, which didn’t make the cut and take a bow with other comments on the subject matter. Well, maybe I am being economical with the truth there and can understand perfectly their fabulous folly. Words control worlds and one doesn’t want to be giving to the masses the seeds of a corrupt systems destruction, does one, although such is bound to be a good thing and much better than it being silently assisted in continuing. And what would be a valid reason for that? Would one be ignorant, or cowed, or cowardly or threatened to toe the line and not make new waves.

HonourableMember … 29 June 2014 5:24 am … commenting and throwing down AI gauntlets on http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2014/jun/27/tony-blair-conflict-interests-middle-east

It appears that the Tony Blair is akin to a Jimmy Savile with the hiding of his misdemeanours and perpetrating of crimes in plain sight and with the undoubted assistance of the system which is hosting and protecting and paying him for his troubles. HM government are paying and granting diplomatic immunity to a war criminal if one can believe all that Chilcot has found out and is not yet finding the cojones to print and freely speculate and/or comment on. And that is the problematic enigmatic dilemma and Gordian type knot which needs to be grasped and slashed and smashed to smithereens, for the worldly masses see the problem and it not be solved but rather more aided and abetted and permitted to continue to create greater mayhem which madness will not command and control.

And that does have one wondering on the culpability and responsibility of politicians/gangs of politicians waging battles against the masses to have them thought relevant and indispensable for their [the uneducated and undereducated masses] comfort and prosperity. The evidence clearly suggests and boldly leads to the conclusion that Parliamentary type democracy is a pie in the sky scam which servers very well just the wishes of a …….. well, media dependent and psychotically quixotic and quite criminally minded few, paying handsomely with pretty printed paper for the privilege of being hidden in plain sight seems like the odds on favourite for that place in the Great Game race.

Is Chilcot admirably proving that UKGBNI is a banana republic and failed terrorist state? It is certainly proving that its supposed intelligence services are lacking in everything necessary to deliver the goods that postmodern existence/societies/communities/call the future what you will requires whenever it is dictated to by officious prigs in the defence of the indefensible and undemocratic.and some would even venture the insane and despotic with Messianic zeal which be a delusional faith foundation.

Time for a few new faces on the intelligence bridge, methinks, with a much better understanding and considerably clearer picture of the Bigger Picture and of how things are made to happen and work better for all and not just those desirous of the phantom riches of a chosen few.

In days of yore, would that have been a right royal task, aided and abetted by right royal knights and masters of the bed chamber. Methinks even today in these times and places of instant global communication and virtually invisible spaces, is that opportunity to excel with sovereign reign and rein still available, and lauded and greatly appreciated because of what it signifies for the future.

Knock, knock, House of Windsor, Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. Is there anybody in there, out there, and into Greater IntelAIgent Games Play?

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Mainstream news really has lost the plot, hasn’t it, with its politically incorrect views and lack lustre plots. Don’t they realise the mortal danger they are putting themselves in with their dogged and rabid support of criminalising elements?
amanfromMars said … correcting a misperception or mistake in a comment shared on http://amanfrommars.blogspot.co.uk/2014/06/140629.html
You appear to thinking of someone other than is meant in the Jimmy Savile reference on the page 140629, Casey Evans. But no matter, in the great schema of things is it but a relatively temporary feast for the salacious and the disturbed. ……. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jimmy_Savile_sexual_abuse_scandal
Hiding in plain sight and lauded as a pillar of society is quite disturbing though, and knighted too. What does that tell you of systems in place in places where systems are in place?
30 June 2014 10:00

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