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Re: Perfect transparency

We are spying on all of you: what you do, what you say, where you go and soon what you think. …… Chris G

That can only ever be at best, Chris G, what another foreign party thinks you be thinking, and be really just their thoughts and not your own at all unless you be thinking exactly like them. In essence, it be just akin to wild guessing unless it can be proven one can be led to think exactly like another …… which of course is impossible if one is in any way consciously smart and an individual human being and unique body.
Any problem then is due, and chargeable if accountability and responsibility is sought, to one’s leaders who be one’s monitors and mentors ………. they/that which is spying on everything and everyone for the good of the nation, and for the greater good of the international and internetional communities too of course, for one wouldn’t want anyone thinking it was being done to deliver an absolute remote virtual command and para-physical control over everything and everybody to any one body or any group of bodies. That just wouldn’t cricket, dear boy, and be worthy of a jolly thrashing and darn good hiding.
To every action is there a reaction, and in practically all cases, a plethora of unknown and unexplored consequences is discovered and uncovered and exploited. and such a proliferating chaos is extremely rewarding, although one does have to be on one’s guard against actions and reactions triggering a plethora of unknown and unexplored consequences discovering and uncovering fabulous exploits thought better left for the present, undiscovered, ……. for the greater good of the nation and nations in the international and internetional community, of course.

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