HonourableMember 26 June 2014 7:51am …… adding more on http://www.theguardian.com/environment/earth-insight/2014/jun/19/open-source-revolution-conquer-one-percent-cia-spy

On 1st May, Steele sent an open letter to US vice president Joe Biden requesting him to consider establishing an Open Source Agency that would transform the operation of the intelligence community ….. 

The US Navy has its own version of an Open Source Agency which is designed to, as are all such novel agencies, render significant leading advantage to systems admin. ……. http://cryptome.org/dodi/2014/opnav-5401-9a.pdf
It is somewhat inconvenient though to find that the link provided in that particular Chief of Naval Operations Informative to assist the Navy and personnel involved with its NAVY CONCEPT GENERATION AND CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM in understanding and evaluating a concept submission, didn’t render anything …… although one can understand that they have to be very careful to try and ensure that their security systems and firewalls are not breached with sensitive and potentially disruptive and/or destructive information shared freely with elements/components which may be suddenly energised or radicalised with such intelligence as delivers another revolutionary way of operation and alternate thinking …….. which is what this Cyber Warfare Command and Creative Control thing is all about nowadays, and for the foreseeable near future, is it not?
It certainly had GCHQ bods rushing clumsily quickly down to the Guardian to have a smashing time with some innocent hardware, didn’t it?
Which of the Astutely Armoured Secure Special Intelligence Services are leading Blighty in the Concept Generation and Concept Development Programming Field? And do they offer a dead drop/point of contact virtual address for agents with provisions? Or does old maid Britannia settle for expensive third party sub-prime administerial scraps from foreigners/non UKGBNI nationals, guaranteeing her always being the second best bridesmaid and never the blushing gushing bride?
Time for a radical change, eh? But who/what to target with the flair to care dare and win win is the enigmatic dilemma and current Great Game QuestIOn.
Answers please to this thread, and I say that most sincerely 🙂 and invoke Poe’s Law to assist in Steganographic Field Works 🙂 ….. which be like Skunk Works but different and nothing at all to do with Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Development Programs. Well, not yet anyway, but who knows what tomorrow brings, in these days of zerodays. 🙂
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