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Advanced Persistent Cyber Treat* …. and/or APT ACT App for Future HyperRadioProActive IT Builders
And a little something extra XSSXXXXual for those Weakened at Weekends Edutaining the Masses with the Great Game
What I suggest y’all be missing and be not yet quite grasping is …… Get hold of the Bigger Universal Picture and take a closer look at its IT and Collapsing Systems of Operation, and analyse to reverse engineered basics the truths and falsehoods of its product, to discover the vital fundamentals to strategically target and master reprogram/create and destroy to disrupt and rebuild with HyperRadioProActive New Clarity, which Presents and Supports with a Mutually Advantageous and Positively Reinforcing Security and Virtually Remote Protection and Practically Anonymous and Relatively Autonomous** Regimes/Programs/Projects/Pogroms/Systems of Absolutely Fabulous Fabless Executive Administrative Operation, a Novel Future in SMARTR Command and CyberIntelAIgent Control of Leading Intellectual Property Assets and not being at all just so utterly reliant on the invention and intervention and printing and production and instant electronic transfer of pretty paper ponzi wealth/fiat currency loading and loding.
That Old Practical System of Remote Virtual Command and Control is discovered to be easily hacked and cracked wide open and subject to rampant abuse to corrupt and perverse extreme ends by principals with morally bankrupt principles and an unedifying and revealing lack of necessary future building intelligence and sensational sensitive information.
So what’s IT gonna be ….. A Western Delicacy to Savour and Favour with Spooky Spaghetti Support or an Eastern Delight to Behold and Server from Numerous Units? Or Both Together and/or Neither and Something Else Altogether and a Treat from somewhere else? Dealer’s Choice?!.

and there are always a bunch of young guys who want the chance to gin something up from scratch and get their name in the books. … swschrad

🙂 And always the older and wiser and more experienced who are determined and enabled and able to make sure their names are not common knowledge in books of their exploits and discoveries.
* And Established Systems Threat via Virtual Machine OS Artilecture? Be hereby clearly advised …. Do not attack it to find out. The consequences are catastrophically dire.
** One wouldn’t want anyone be thinking just yet that Virtual Machinery has a Mind of ITs Own and can do just as IT pleases, whenever and wherever IT pleases. That would really freak out the natives and primitives and they be crazy enough presently as IT is.

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