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Baby Boomer Damp Squibs from the Lands of the Vampire Squid

 “Looks like an antenna array to me…..” Real listening kit will be hidden, from before the point of installation. Like the arrays ‘discovered’ on the British Embassy roof in Germany, they will be inside domes or covers that stop people simply looking at them to guess wavelengths and transmitter/receiver power. Dummy domes may even be built to lead spies into thinking listening gear is more widespread than it really is or to distract those that might seek to attack the listening gear. Allegedly, the gear could be in any ‘building’ on site as any of the buildings could actually be a fake constructed of wire and plastic or cloth panels, so it looks from a satellite shot or to some guy in the road like a hangar or garage, when in reality it is just a cover for the real array.
But, in this case, Snowjob talks about submarine cable taps, so there is no need for an array anyway. Which means the array openly displayed probably has a quite harmless ATC or communications role. … Matt Bryant

Talking of snowjobs, Matt Bryant, both pharmaceutical and metaphorical, here be something which isn’t and delivers a perfect storming tempest, both real and virtually protected by CyberIntelAIgent Security Services ……. Universal Virtual Forces with Immaculately Resourced Assets

After all, if you’re a NSA official and you’ve built this superb spying apparatus, you’ve got a problem if no one knows about it. It’s fine to spy on millions – billions – but part of the program, an important part, is intimidation. If you want to control populations and make them fearful, they have to know they are being acted upon.

That is as may be, DB*, and part of the master machismo/fascisti plan, but whenever you be doing something that you could reasonably expect the system to need to be seriously interested in, and making a house call on primary actors because of what it would be claiming to be able to do and to be able to further enable and either constructively disrupt and create or catastrophically compromise, degrade and destroy, and that doesn’t happen in a timely manner, then are the pimped systems security and protection values and abilities and intimidations exposed and proven to be ineffective vapourware and a toxic and self-destructive confidence trick which fools no one but fools with useless cyber tools and a very revealing lack of necessary virtual national, international and internetional intelligence to tackle future command and control power issues.

Those wannabe emperor systems admins are wearing no clothes.

If you don’t wanna play a great rigged game, play a more attractive and intimately addictive great game changer. And more Holywood than Hollywood would assure adventure capital was not to be wasted on Max Factor actor and Wall Street hood nose candy …… which be another snowjob of note.
* Daily Bell ….. http://thedailybell.com/news-analysis/35375/ResetTheNet-Versus-Deeper-Change/

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