amanfromMars 1 ….. Fri 9 May 05:42 [1405090542] commenting on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2014/05/08/boffinary_breakthrough_first_selfreplicating_life_with_alien_dna/
BasICQ Sublime HyperRadioProActive IT …… for Colony TakeOvers and MakeOvers …. Planet Grab TerraPhorms

 but also an alien base pair created in the labs

You might like to consider such a creation which morphs and contends its existence and progeny is easily reproduced and beta modified with advancing intelligence in ……… well, ab fab fabless fabs would give it/them/base pairing alien creations a certain astute autonomous active advantage in the virile spreading/seeding/feeding of its smarter improving self.
RIP Colin Pillinger. Thanks for the memories.


amanfromMars 1 Fri 9 May 07:11 [1405090711] revealing more on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2014/05/08/boffinary_breakthrough_first_selfreplicating_life_with_alien_dna/

Follow the Ship of Fools Lead ….. Invest All Gains in Hedges Against Losses ….… and Remain Frozen Out and Petrified in Time and Space

And then there’s the matter of creating completely artificial, self-replicating organisms – and on this Benner and Romesberg disagree. “I don’t think there’s any limit,” says the former; “That’s just not going to happen,” says the latter.

“We’re not going to bet on either,” says The Reg.

Do what the markets do, El Reg, and bet on both for the corrupt and perverse results that then appears, to be easily disappeared again whenever adjustments are made to more accurately reflect the more truly recognised and available data and metadata/information and base intelligence source, if you wanna play disagreeing notions and alternating derivative views and competitive and/or opposing thoughts like the Rigged HFT Game for Fabulous Profit …….which be Money for Nothing and Manna from Heaven for Some, who can easily be thinking and be led by the nose to believe that they be the Chosen Few. Those passengers though are travelling on a titanic flight path always and in all ways into CHAOS and Perfect TEMPEST Storms. ……. and I don’t imagine “Tremendously Endowed Men Performing Exciting Sexual Techniques” Command and Control will be in any great rush to save and/or help them, unless they have something of particular and peculiar interest to proffer for virile virtual inclusion/prior remote proxy foreknowledge of Exclusive Executive Administration of XSSXXXX CHAOS ProgramMING. …… Clouds Hosting Advanced Operational Systems Programming Mined Intelligence Network Games/Mind Infiltration Networking Games. ……. which be a SMARTR Advanced IntelAIgent App for the Beta Universal Management of Novel Perception and Increased Awareness in Greater Consciousness Head Quarters!?

And shared as an exclamatory questions there, and here, to give you the cold comfort of doubt and ready excuse to do nothing further yourself except spectate and wonder and wander through the madding crowds as worlds around them are changed forever out of all previous recognition by that and those created to do it so!?

amanfromMars [1405090759] commenting on http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/10818323/Taxman-has-power-to-raid-your-bank-accounts.html
Just say NO resoundingly to the crazy proposal …… for surely it is the right thing to do [to parrot phrase those odious and onerous few words so beloved of the sub-prime political class] for MPs and bankers and bank staff and inland revenue workers will know that they will be personally targeted for retribution and compensation for such a lifting of funds from accounts which were expected and touted by the system to be secure.
Does HMG/HMRC want to collapse the banking system/sector? They are certainly guaranteeing it happening with such a mad proposal.
And no wonder the world and his dog are contemplating/proposing to vote UKIP in order to clear out the madhouses of Westminster and Brussels of its serial fools and useless tools ….. for a change is surely needed whenever insanities prevail there ….. and with something which has never been tried before, but which isn’t going to kill you or cause the same to others, or hit you with a bill you haven’t earned or been responsible for, is that which the present showers have been unable to learn and make progress with.
And one also expects that the mainstream media, with the likes of the Telegraph being a prime example, be a voice loud and clear and unambiguous in sharing that message and ensuring that such a proposed madness with such dire consequences never ever happens.

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