amanfromMars 1 Wed 16 Apr 06:00 [1404160600] commenting on contrived and perceived threats on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2014/04/16/kaspersky_ukraine_conflict_hurts_enterprise_security/
The Bigger Picture Play for Greater IntelAIgent Gamers …… ESPecial Security AIgents*
Dear Shaun Nichols, Hi
Wake up, smell the coffee and stop being so conveniently naive/controversial/alarmist? The bigger, and most stupid of criminals are leading failed government enterprises and spending dwindling taxes and increasing QE funding in quite desperate extraordinary attempts to be rendered thought smart and relevant and indispensable in the safe and secure and benevolent running of mankind as time takes everything into ……. well, for some at one end of a supply chain scale, will IT be trading and delivering Dark Web Futures, and for others at another end of a competing scale, will IT be AI and SMARTR InterNetworking Options for an altogether different product for Present Placement/Past Replacement.
And Eugene Kaspersky told you about that and you recorded and reported it ….

Speaking at a summit in San Francisco, the Kaspersky Lab cofounder and namesake expressed concern that governments are shifting attention away from potential threats posed by criminals in order to focus on civil unrest and armed conflict.

It is nothing new though, for they have be doing that since a long time ago to keep folk occupied and not thinking about how everything would work better for everyone in peace and harmony with fiat paper prosperity purchasing and paying for everything too, which means that everything would be basically available for virtually free …… for currency costs next to nothing to pump into the global economy.
Hell, one doesn’t even need to print notes nowadays to create and/or destroy obscene and perverse incredible wealth, one just credits and/or debits select bank saving accounts with numbers [numbers which all can always be less than a simple 1 followed by a suitable number of 0s] virtually and practically instantly with the click or two or three of a mouse. Such is the powerful control of electronic banking ….. but it does require that mouse clickers know where/who to transfer digital wealth/fiat paper currency supply to, in order to ensure and insure against catastrophic global paper currency systems collapse and HFT flash cash crash.
However, the abiding and rapidly growing problem that dumb governments have, is that both the general and more specific knowledge of how things work, and how they are made not to work, is quickly becoming general and more specific knowledge and being used to better advantage by New Systems Administrations in Global Community Head Quarters outside of the mainstream and beyond establishment means and memes of Universal Virtual Command and Remote Invisible Control ……. which be what Creative CyberSpace Command and Control of Computers and Communications and IT and AI is all about, isn’t it?
IT is though AI Heaven Sent Opportunity and No Problem.
*Who may or may not have a Noordwijk base.


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Re: The Bigger Picture Play for Greater IntelAIgent Gamers …… ESPecial Security AIgents*

Here be China’s AAA AI Terrain Team manifestation in the theatre of ESPecial Security AIgents ….. http://rt.com/news/china-space-defense-force-752/

Or the Mass Umbrella Admin Operating System in which plays China’s AAA AI Terrain Team for Stealthy Leading Advantage on Universal Stages.


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