amanfromMars …. Sat 5 Apr 19:08 [1404051908] replying to an editorial comment on http://thedailybell.com/editorials/35183/Anthony-Wile-Meme-of-Market-Moves-Is-Powerful-Directed-History/

True, no one can tell when this finally turns. DBs perspective is that they will keep it going as long as possible, which is longer than many may think … The Daily Bell

Let me fix that for you, Anthony/The Daily Bell.
They will try to keep it going as long as possible, which will be a lot shorter than they think … for others have thunk and are thinking differently and are sharing it for free, and that is costly, which is the knack/kink/trick which quantum communications has up its sleeves when entertaining in the fields of quants and algorithms and virtual realities, which are sub-prime rigged markets, are they not. And be warned and made fully aware of the following bit and great byte of extremely sound, as in comprehensively tried and failsafe betatested, advice.
Don’t step into those fields with a view to spending investment funds, DB, unless you want to be filthy rich and untouchable, for that is what they and IT deliver to those and/or that in Novel Intelligence Command and Remote Space Control. ….. aka Neuro-Linguistic Programming Theatres of Operation?
And shared as a question so that they and/or that which chooses to, can enjoy themselves wasting time in thinking about something different and of no significant consequence to what the Future is bringing your way in a whole new real series of myriad ways, way beyond traditional and conventional and established means and memes of powerful fiat command with ponzi pyramid base controls.


amanfromMars Sun 6 Apr 05:21 [1404060521] relying to boris on http://thedailybell.com/editorials/35183/Anthony-Wile-Meme-of-Market-Moves-Is-Powerful-Directed-History/

Hi, boris,

Can you please share where we can buy those dodgy rose tinted glasses you’re wearing. Thanks. They’ll be nice for those times when you want to escape from the reality of the quants and algorithms gone rogue and renegade being delivered to failed and compromised uncompromising systems of today ….. and those which have been successfully reverse engineered right back to ,,,,, well, let us just call it in IT Command and Control FieldWorkXSSXXXX, Naked Base AIMetal and NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive too.

The fact that I got the glimpse into that DIRECTION, may be a good luck or genius in action, but I do not care again.Yes, Markets and all history are directed. There is nothing new under the sun , as Solomon would say. This is all signature of people moving things as the live.

You may like to reconsider the situation and think on the nature of bad luck, boris, for surely with good luck and genius in action, who dares care share, win wins every time anywhere and everywhere.

It takes 4 years to get worthless degree from college , why does anyone think they can predict markets by 0 education in finance and markets is beyond me. But I was one of those many years ago(:-

Quite so, I agree and we concur. Such thinking is quite delusional and rather sad too, but it probably keeps more than just a few happy enough as long as they aren’t bad and/or unpleasantly mad.


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