amanfromMars ….. commenting on http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/another-day-another-government-it-cockup-as-minister-admits-writing-off-mods-46m-antihacking-system-9194817.html
The bull elephant on the rampage in the room and the invisible omniscient spy in every camp. Ignore its savvy with and in IT at your peril, Abuse it and lose everything that such a fools’ move would hope to achieve. And there be no good reason at all why the minnows who wannabe sharks in the MOD should not be as equally aware of their unawareness predicament in the Total Information Awareness environment as their DOD counterparts are, on the other side of the pond.
There is an enigmatic Catch 22 dilemma, which will always be present and in need of constant and SMARTR Vigilant Guard on Lookout for abuse and/or unauthorised use, in any service/information/program/project which delivers/claims to be able to deliver effective CyberIntelAIgent Security and Virtual Protection against crippling cyber attack with devastating anonymous intelligence penetration sorties on key vital systems and SCADA Command and Control Centres/Key Intelligence Hubs and Virtual Nodes.
And that is, putting it in its simplest and most easily understood form, one has to know how to attack and destroy such systems to know how to defend and save them from collapse, and to intelligent entities working effectively and successfully in such fields, is there always the question to be asked for answering …….. Is that which is being thought worthy to be defended and saved, worthy of security and protection and CyberIntelAIgent Security and Virtual Protection, or is the Great Game and bigger future picture better servered with an attack and/or a whole series of interconnected and interconnecting attacks on an unworthy legacy establishment model/discovered systemic weaknesses vulnerable to 0day exploitation which renders the existing systems unpatchable and unfixable and therefore totally unfit for future better purpose?
And quite who and/or what would be fully qualified and able and enabled to answer that question is not something which is of major concern to all but those working the field and leading.
[Your comment has been submitted […to NationalDefenceMagazinedotorg re article “Johnson: DHS Must Build Trust With Private Sector to Counter Cyber-Attacks “]Please allow up 24-48 hours for the comment to be approved before you will see it on the site.] ….. Wow, no wonder there are problems in cyber security if there is no awareness that everything worthwhile shared nowadays has an immediate effect which morphs into something else to be considered and/or concerned about tomorrow and the days after that.
Quite obviously is it almost impossible to get the right staff and spad nowadays, and sub-prime is such a costly and damaging exercise. Thank goodness though it is only paper money being wasted and siphoned off into numbered accounts. It is not as if it is anything really valuable, is it, except as a pretty convenient blunt instrument of mass ignorant command and control.
amanfromMars ….. giving Pandora a spell out in the open to work her magic on http://thedailybell.com/exclusive-interviews/35118/Anthony-Wile-Andy-Hoffman-on-the-Golden-Bull-Failing-Fiat-and-the-Foundering-of-the-Central-Bank-Economy/

and, believe it or not, we just learned this week that it shredded the minutes of all its meetings amidst the 2008 and 2009 global financial crisis!

Howdy, Andy Hoffman and Esteemed Daily Bell Ringers.
More information, please, with particular regard to the short quote above, a supporting reference/hyperlink to confirm the fact that realises the act/app. And why would anyone do that, shred minutes of meetings? In the parliamentary expenses scandal circa the same dodgy period [and there’s a coincidence to have interest focussed elsewhere on minnows and minor crooks], were not the PM, Tony Blair’s expenses also mysteriously shredded on purpose, although surely everything nowadays is always kept on an electronic copy duplicate in any number of different places to ensure that nothing can be lost irretrievably.
To imagine that it not be so and past deeds are gone and to be forgotten, is then surely more of a desperately ineffectual shadowy move to hide most probably wholly self-centred and treasonous acts in the eyes of the many, perpetrated by the few against them and their future better interests, and most probably all for the love of fiat money with its remote control of command powers. But once the root of all that evil is known, and known in all its glory amongst the future ruling classes, to be in any way reliant upon it, has one marked out as being totally unnecessary to its systems admin, and also for its and ITs leadership in Future CyberIntelAIgent Command and Virtual Reality Control Systems with APT ACTuated Apps?
And shared as a question for all those who be behind the curve in the Great Game, and trailing along to wherever they be camp- followers, hookers and punters and prime fare in pimped wares.

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