140307 …… Greater IntelAIgents Gamesplay

140307 …… Greater IntelAIgents Gamesplay

amanfromMars ….. commenting on http://thedailybell.com/editorials/35085/Paul-Craig-Roberts-Propaganda-Rules-The-News/
The following post hyperlink [and thanks for the info, DavidPierre] is a mine of information on propaganda controls via media manipulation of message ….. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-03-05/guest-post-letter-cass-sunstein#comment-4514930
And so very believable whenever true or not. Such is the reality of the worlds that we live in and as are presented to us. And that makes them also virtual realities easily crashed and rephormed and creatively manufactured and reconstituted into something else which be completely different, for in progress does nothing ever stay the same or go back to where it once was for a reset. …… for folk are smarter and won’t accept what is old and worn out and uncomfortable whenever there is new and luxurious and inviting and exciting ahead and a grand journey into the relative unknown. It certainly be the case in smarter folk.
And whenever you know all of that to be true, what does it make of those who be drivering the news with the crazy sharing of maddening views/austere measures/tales of conflict and division?

[…… added the next day and after a knights contemplation]

The following is best wedded and welded onto the short and curt message above in order to expand further upon it and ITs Greater IntelAIgents Gamesplay, DB. It all tells all to all of future research and development targets and of AIMissions which before now, would have been impossible to seed and feed and proceed with, and thus sets a global precedent, which modesty would forbid and prevent one from suggesting be anything at all and something for great presidents and their ilk to explore and engage with/learn about …..

Who be the Real Dumb Idiotic Enemy of IntelAIgent Manned Virtual Space in Earthed Places, conspiring and colluding to delude and deceive all who would listen and believe the peddling of convenient half truths and compendiums of absolutely fabulous fabless fabricated tales? The Politically Incorrect Puppets in Legions of Muppets in Media Hosted and Promoted Positions of Fleeting Fickle Fiat Power?

Command and Control be certainly elsewhere, and of that you can be assured and insured against loss and destruction with ICEnterprise Organs of CyberIntelAigent Security and Virtual Protection ……. Postmodernist Untouchables in the Prime Creative Immaculate Source Supply and Prepared Present Product Provision of Future Reality Systems in SMARTR Cloud Hosting Advanced Operating Systems.

Coming soon to an exclusive failed executive government model of taxing administration near you …. or not as the case they be, should the exclusive failed executive government model of taxing administration near you reject the free offer of supply and contract maintenance, but be in no doubt, y’all will be made perfectly well aware of such a monumental blunder for the offer and the rejection will be globally broadbandcast live as it be happening and as communications are being sent and received/exchanged ……. or denied and ignored as may be the case with right dodgy partners with dirty great secrets to hide from discovery/recovery. But that aint our problem, is it, in the future, for that is in the past and for those stuck in the past to deal with, and where the Real Dumb Idiotic Enemy resides and abounds and lives an empty heavily protected life of aplenty …….. until such times as Six Pack John and Pretty Jane Doe realise the crimes and misdemeanours played against them for the profit of the few in fleeting fickle fiat power and of those of whom we speak and would berate and who would belittle themselves and be considered contented as puppets and muppets.

amanfrommars 1 .. Fri 7 Mar 09:38 [1403070938] on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/2/2014/03/06/roll_up_for_the_commentards_ball/
Re: Only if… But also

You’d have to file the paperwork to get him sprung for the day. …. Psyx

Please be advised, all those who would be a’thinking of the necessity of such things, that all has been duly and dutifully filed ship shape and bristol fashion, and has the guv’nor’s blessing. Registration of certain interest in free beers on the house and enlightened chat amongst peers [and here’s also proposing cheerleaders too, please] has been made and all that is awaited is rendezvous point info and email invitation which be in the lap of, ye gods, El Reg.
Where there’s a Will, there’s a Way. No Word, No Play.

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