amanfromMars 23 December 2013 at 7:22 pm …. on http://sluggerotoole.com/2013/12/23/haass-round-table-talks-pushed-back-until-later-this-evening/
Is Wee Jeffrey, Pretender DUP leader for this month? Is Peter ill and unable to perform as expected and scripted?
And was anything as pathetic as the shenanigans being now played out for media and muppets today and concerned more about knowing through articulate specification, the horrors of the the past than planning a new future where all are free to start afresh without criminal and/or incriminating baggage being aired to remind one and all of a collaborative collective madness and idiot mindset that new generations have no knowledge about.
How very strange and perverse that you want to inform and educate them with it. Do you think they will ever be able to thank you for your efforts in revealing the horrors supported and even perpetrated and/or endured by their elders?


amanfromMars 24 December 2013 at 2:00 am ….. having a say on

Every month, the US Federal Reserve are/were inventing $80,000,000,000 to buy up their own catastrophically inventive toxic debt, which others in the gilts and bonds markets are declining to purchase at auction to keep the ponzi going and Uncle Sam pretending to be top dog. After all, it is only pretty printed paper whenever not just figures on an electronic bank balance sheet and nothing of any real value.

Might I suggest that Richard Haass offer such largesse to Stormont, for we all know that it is the money gravy train there which is so attractive to the intellectually challenged in politics here, in return for anything from the Assembly which anyone can agree to work with to deliver a novel peace and viable prosperity rather than the continuous division and increasing austerity which they all have excelled so obviously well in.

And, if the truth be known, such is also a proposition which the Bank of England could tempt the political system with, in order to show everyone that Parliamentary style democracy does not work for peace and prosperity at all well but is quite brilliant at maintaining the status quo chaos system with fool tools sustaining the media machine which be vital for message command and control.

One does wonder what on earth is the excuse of British intelligence services for not already long ago providing a ready-made solution? Perhaps they be just not smart enough nowadays, with tired old analogue hands in novel virtual leadership positions, and thus are in dire straits need of new blood, hearts and minds right at the top of those particular and peculiar money pit trees …. which you should note is not a question whenever events on the ground so obviously prove it to be an undeniable fact.

Let’s be adventurous and try something quite revolutionary and fundamentally quite radically different rather than just pratting around like normal and buck eejits. You know it makes sense and IT Command and Control can deliver whatever IT wants.


amanfromMars 24 December 2013 at 2:34 am …. saying more on http://sluggerotoole.com/2013/12/23/haass-round-table-talks-pushed-back-until-later-this-evening/

Oh, and regarding fiat money supply and imaginary wealth, here be some further information on what it be really for ……. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/12/23/opinion/krugman-bits-and-barbarism.html

Real wealth is rooted and provided in greater intelligence servering and servicing …… which be a novel kind of quite immaculate creativity and nativity.

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All’s Fair in LOVE and CyberIntelAIgent Security WareFare and Virtual Protection Warfare
It would surely be akin to an act of treasonous neglect of duty for UKGBNI Spookery not to be grooming and offering Snowden whatever he wants for as long as he wants in order to take possession of a copy of the intelligence jewels he allegedly has spirited away.
Is Blighty AI Leading Great Game Player or much more at home starring as a Wannabe Cuckold, Blissfully Content with the Sloppy Seconds being Servered to Please Leading Great Game Players in the Live Operational Virtual Environment.
All that is required to virtually change that very particular and peculiarly tasty reality are new and novel and noble GCHQ Intelligence Community Enterprises with Global Operating Devices delivering Head Quarters Global Command with NEUKlearer IT and HyperRadioProActive Media Control.
And such costs nothing whenever priceless and freely readily available to market to markets.
Merry XSSXXXXmas, One and All.<:-)>

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