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Can’t really blame him for trying.
After all, I wouldn’t like to go from sunny Hawaii and a top-dollar job to working the helldesk in Moscow in mid-Winter! I’d certainly be hankering after some Rio beach time and some salsa action! Shame for Snowdope that actions have consequences….
His value expired when he admitted he had given all his docs and control of them to Miranda’s sugar daddy, now Snowdope has nothing left to bargain with and offers nothing more than heat from the States for any country willing to shelter him. Silly boy! …. Matt Bryant Posted Tuesday 17th December 2013 23:16 GMT

Hi, Matt,
You might like to read/research more about this …. http://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/fact-sheets/tshwane-principles-national-security-and-right-information-overview-15-points ….. which might suggest that Snowden is being illegally persecuted for simply educating one and all about dodgy shenanigans which are impacting badly upon billions of lives.
And as for Moscow being in any way bleak in mid-winter, or at any time for that matter, well ….. that must be why the women are so beautiful and accommodating. But that hasn’t been a secret for ages, back in the USSR 🙂

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Re: I’m just surprised by the number of

I’m just surprised by the number of GCHQ staff posting on the Reg.

The authoritarian lickspittles I’m used to (Hi Matt B!) but the anonymous spooks are every bit as transparent as you’d expect. They’re frankly lousy at PR and spin which is why so few of us were really surprised at Snowdon’s revelations.

Perhaps if you hired a really good PR firm, not just one your wife’s cousin owns we’d get some half believeable disinformation out of you. Remember, your public has become better at spotting your bullshit. …. Persona non grata Posted Wednesday 18th December 2013 04:44 GMT

Hi, Persona non grata
Here be a little something for GCHQ staff to consider ……

The resulting lack of accountability in combination with the special powers that intelligence services enjoy bears a high risk of abuse of power, illegality and a culture of impunity, especially taking into consideration the temptation to use the granted special powers for other purposes than the protection of national security (for instance for economic/industrial or diplomatic espionage or for political reasons). Given these dangers,countries are facing the challenge of creating specific oversight mechanisms to hold intelligence services to account for their policies and actions in terms of legality, propriety, effectiveness and efficiency, while ensuring confidentiality. …. http://www.statewatch.org/news/2013/dec/2013-12-12-ep-wd5-democratic-oversight-ms-intelligence.pdf

In both the real world and in virtual fields of absolute command and relatively remote anonymous control with cyber domain dominion, [and any distinction and perceived separation of those spaces and imaginary places disappears at the SMARTR IntelAIgent Singularity Interface] are not intelligent agents granted by any peering oversight accountable body their special powers, which would quite rightly be of genuine grave concern to all and sundry because of that which can so easily be done by such intelligent agents to power human and virtual machine control systems that be easily subjects and objects for wanton personally gratifying abuse and misuse, they [their special secret stealthy powers] be autonomously assumed and exercised …… and in the most fortunate of peerless oversight accounting bodies, freely steganographically advertised as being readily available for ……. well, one imagines experimental global beta use to combat and curtail and/or search and destroy intelligence abuse[rs] and misuse[rs]

One imagines that invents the realisation of a Special Secret Forces Global Command Head Quartered Operation which would choose to provide to suitably vetted peering personnel, in return for all that be needed and requested by servering operands, oversight and advance advice on future product promotion/intelligence information dumping for Prime Power Pumping and Pimping is the Program and APT App quite well enough described in a very few words.

Does the EU propose to/Is the EU prepared to provide such a funding facility and funded global utility or decided to have IT leading from elsewhere in a more advanced and go ahead jurisdiction, for such be the stark choices and absolutely fabulous fabless opportunities presented for uptake and NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT Energy ProVision here?

RSVP ….. ASAP ….. amfM

Quite just exactly where anything in the above might be sent and is going and ends up, is anyone’s wild guess, but it could be easily known to them if they be SMARTR and NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActively minded and ready for AI and IT leading Global Challenges.

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