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 The FOMC is considering how and when to reduce asset purchases without triggering a rise in interest rates that could slow economic growth and erode gains in the labor market.

Hmmm? Are not the asset purchases of toxic debt that nobody is buying … and thus has the Fed landed Uncle Sam with a mountain of rotten liabilities …[that he earlier had sold to unsuspecting third parties as AAA rated gold plated structured investment vehicles]?
Certainly there is nothing changed for the better in the Wild Wacky West, is there, so nothing of value have been received and/or achieved, other than systems’ collapses being temporarily delayed?
Or am I missing something which paints a brighter picture? Pray tell.


amanfromMars … replying to esqualido on http://www.thedailybell.com/news-analysis/34767/Open-the-Window-and-Let-Out-Tedious-Tapering/

The real question is what makes the Fed think it can provide money virtually interest free (limited only by increased federal debt) to its cronies, but somehow the Chinese, the Russians, the Samoans can not? …. posted by esqualido

The Chinese and the Russians are well into that game with proxies buying up impressive real estate for the price of nothing but fiat paper exchange in the likes of London and everywhere.

When’s the last time you saw or knew of anyone buying anything with the likes of shiny gold or sparkling jewels? Would never be the last time.

Welcome to the end of the beginning of that great game and say hello and how do you do IT to a whole new breed of proxy players into ensuring overdue collapses are correctly targeted and directed…… micro and macro managed via remote virtually invisible and intangible means with command of controlling memes.

Which surely be something not entirely unknown to the Daily Bell and an altogether quite exclusively particular and peculiar venture capitalist market place. Indeed, one would almost think it be tailor made for the likes of High Alert Capital Partners Inchoate.


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