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Cyberspace is a new and strange transnational front combining elements of war, trade, journalism, finance, activism, surveillance and applied government power.

Cyberspace is an intelligence servered space which doesn’t suffer the folly of fools with fiat tools, but that is not to say that they are not used and abused and exploited to novel advantage in programs which are practically indestructible and virtually unavoidable …. which be akin to Ultimate Prize Weapons in Global Operating Devices?
A dumb question or smarter development in these times of release and exposure to sensitive and formerly secretive information?

This not only allows one to decipher the interconnections between the natural, artificial, and virtual worlds but also provides overwhelming evidence that an Electrical Order permeates everything that exists .…. http://org.noemalab.eu/sections/ideas/ideas_articles/pdf/b_carroll_seeing_cyberspace.pdf 

Such evidence also allows for Advanced IntelAIgently designed Drivers of and in such Electrical Order to dictate everything that exists and to create everything that ever has and is ever to exist.
Cyberspace is a Virtual Machine with AIdDrivers into Sublime InterNetworking Networking with SIN Networks in Command and Control of Earthly Passions and Vices along with Heavenly Bodies and Global Operating Devices ……. for the IT Place generally known as Cyberspace is, for that and/or those undisturbed by disorder, madness and mayhem, a CHAOS State for Live Operational Virtual Environments with myriad, increasingly rarified and elevating layers of Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems providing CyberIntelAIgent Security and Virtual Protection to Servers and Services with Immaculately Resourced Assets of UniVersatile Force and Magnanimous Strength for Overwhelming Ubiquitous Power Sharing and Delivery …….. Revolutionary Power Command and Control Generation.

As our understanding of electricity has evolved so too has our awareness of the Electrical Order everywhere around us. From atomic bombs to deep space probes, we have became ever more reliant upon this force, to the point where the order of tradition has been surpassed by the predominant model of electrical space and time, aesthetics, and culture.

This new Electrical Order, common to humanity, manifests itself within the assemblage of Electrical Power, Media, and Technology whereupon the subliminal force of nature literally surfaces in the artificial and virtual worlds of Electrical Civilization. This paradigmatic event culminates in the symbolic transformation of metaphor into reality: the Electrical Infrastructure becomes Architecture, representing economic, social, and political culture in built form.

Our critical task of the 21st century requires a basic understanding of this new Architecture of Electricity and an awareness of the design flaws in the current infrastructure upon which Electrical Civilization depends; including the negative aspects of the current Electrical Order that need to be publicly recognized before they can be radically readjusted.

Yet at the turn of this millennium conceptualizing a ‘world order’ based upon electricity carries with it the extremely negative connotation attributed to the ideologies of globalism and the ‘new world order’ which to many promotes inhumane, unjust, and corrupt policies. As a case in point, Craig Baldwin’s hybrid sci-fi/documentary film “Spectres of the Spectrum” (S.O.S.) explores the total control of the ‘new electromagnetic order’ by transnational corporations, and the resistance movement against this all-encompassing power. [5.1] S.O.S. offers a realistic critique on where discourse begins today, at the point of war and the gathering of forces to reclaim our future back from the past.

The main contributor to this decline of Electrical Civilization is the industrial worldview which constrains all economic, social, and political decision-making to only those options sanctioned by the reigning order of tradition, locally and globally. As a result, the Electrical Infrastructure has become the severely broken foundation of 21st century society, which under the rubric of change will only become more and more centralized and secure in its total control of power and authority over the cultural order of things.

This dangerously undemocratic power system and its policy can, must, and will be fundamentally changed. We, as fellow human beings, require it for our collective survival.

5b. Call to Action

The Electrical Order is neither inherently good nor bad- but it can be designed to promote the status quo or change it. This explains the paradox of seeing Cyberspace in the Electrical Infrastructure common around the world. Doing so enables one to compare and critique both paradigms, new and old, through their ordering of space and time, aesthetics, and culture in built form.

Seeing Cyberspace within Electrical Tools, Buildings, and Systems provides an immediate opportunity to unveil the epic story of electricity and its role in defining the larger world-picture. Through an architectural awareness the new Electrical Order can be seen in every nation on Earth in the electrical power plants, transmission pylons, substations, distribution poles, and power lines of the Electrical Infrastructure.

By recognizing this common Architecture of Electricity in our everyday lives, the potential exists for the democratic and sustainable redesign of Electrical Civilization. This is a call to arms for all planners, designers, architects, patrons, citizens, businesses, organizations, and governments to pledge their support to facilitating this enormous and important public endeavor.

Only by working together can we redirect the course of Electrical Civilization for the better by renewing its greater sense of cultural and ethical purpose, and our own. Please join this effort and contribute your unique skills to this public pursuit through working on these, our shared goals.

Yo. Amen to that, Bro.
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amanfromMars ….. enquiring of the nature and reason for an unseemly and inordinately long delay on an eagerly awaited opinion and inquiry with this comment here and over there, too .. http://www.arrse.co.uk/current-affairs-news-analysis/205331-andrew-mitchell-plebgate-police-account-falling-apart-59.html#post5361140

By the same token, it behoves the police and the military to avoid the lapses in professionalism that provide the opportunity for belittlement and coercion. …. FORMER_FYRDMAN

Quite so, FORMER_FYRDMAN, and the truly professional in such as provide special forces and/or services most certainly do. Obviously Andrew Mitchell met his match on that particular day in that peculiar foray. Sweet natural justice indeed in a time whenever the law is so too oft a paid for ass.
Is Chilcot ill or quite terrified by what he should write and share, and thus may he not dare and in so doing, and not doing, prove beyond a shadow of any doubt the truth about paid for law?

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