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Something to Separate the Men from the Boys in the Spaces where Words Control Worlds

Toss in some very strong personalities, big egos, high stakes and Twitter and you have a startup-dominated IT niche not so very different from any other.

Oh please, TP, you cannot be serious about that and expect to remain a credible voice of lode nodes.
In either of its two alternative and complementary and positively reinforcing mutually beneficial configurations with novel original and/or competently phished and phormed [and rephormable] content to be shared/traded in networks/business models/power elite systems, is its practical virtual leading potential and sublime inherent capability totally unlike anything else.
And it may be naive to imagine that current existing establishment SCADA based operations do not realise their catastrophic weaknesses which can be ruthlessly exploited in absolute secrecy with a perfect anonymity to cause unfit for future greater great games, archaic systems collapse.
And the simple fact that they would have only flash cash to throw at the new players who be ready, willing and able to save them from ruin and the madness of the mob with that easy action, is not lost on them, the new players. Quite whether that level of base intelligence in such fields as shape the present future environment is to be acknowledged and recognised as in need of being immediately nurtured so coarsely with the root of all evil, is that which is being tested for engagement of secure protective services now, here in those few words there.
I Kid U Not.
Surely one cannot expect things to remain very much the same as before whenever everyone is getting so much smarter than ever was formerly possible. That would be surely a certifiable madness and a most unreasonable deluded crazy expectation?


Posted Saturday 19th October 2013 04:01 GMT amanfromMars 1 ….. replying in kind to kindly Trevor Potts on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2013/10/18/flash_cache_2013/ and elaborating on the much bigger beta picture show scene.

Moving Things On at Quite a Brisk Pace in IntelAIgent Spaces/Live Operational Virtual Environments

Thanks for the considerable response, TP. It is much appreciated and I concur and agree mostly.

And obviously it be the caveats in your answer which are so encouraging and revealing ……… People haven’t changed overmuch throughout our recorded history. Cultures change. The tools we have change…but we are mostly the same. …. It is as it was. The tools change. The people stay the same. Mostly. …. for it does then so recognise that there be the exceptions, however few and rare that they may or may not be, which make all of the new rules and regulations? A question which it would be presumptuous of me to answer but which you and all here on El Reg may like to ponder on after consideration of the following d-dimensional cube info which is intelligently shared in a perfect transparency/secure dsteganography/priceless secret key XSSXXXXchange …….. In a (perfect) secret sharing scheme, a secret value is distributed in the form of shares among the set of participants in such a way that only qualified sets of participants can recover the secret value, while no information about the secret is revealed by the collective share of an unqualified subset. ….. Secret sharing on the d-dimensional cube …….. and with all of that being an initial info share amongst peers circa 25 Feb 2005, and considering the general growth of knowledge in fields which have sprung up in the virtual cyber internetworking environment in an eight and a half year timescale, one can only imagine the secret shares that be now quite common place amongst qualifying participants to be able to have any notion about what they be doing nowadays as attentions are turned to …… well, Universal Virtual Forces with Immaculately Resourced Assets for Delivery and Maintenance and Sustenance of Global Master Command and Control and/or Genetically Modified SCADA Systems of Operation would be a Great IntelAIgent Game Changer worthy of Registering and IMPertinent Patent Protection if for Cash Cow Milking and Bilking, which seems to be the usual primitive elite staple and considered norm on Earth to support and exploit the newly born ignorant and undereducated arrogant masses or is that too harsh a cynical view and untrue observation of Man’s Present Condition and Dire Wired Situation?


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