130804 ….. as PerlyGatesPython before Swine? Knock, Knock, Mr Parker.

130804 ….. as PerlyGatesPython before Swine? Knock, Knock, Mr Parker.

Posted Sunday 4th August 2013 08:35 GMT amanfromMars 1 …. commenting on the tale and tales told in comments on the thread http://www.theregister.co.uk/2013/08/02/qualcomm_marketeer_chandrasekher_calls_octocore_chips_dumb/
Question? How separate are comms from phone and from desktop? ….. Answer*
* In Palace Barracks, Hollywood-type Charades on Parade, do they meld together for the command and control of power and minds for master key manipulation of primitive native codes, which be the smarter virtual drivers for all dumb ignorant animals and arrogant beings?! …….. or they could and should, if not already doing so stealthily for those who server intelligence selflessly for outrageous reward.

You may have posted this before the latest revelations that the UK backbone international carriers are providing GCHQ (and thus GCHQ’s paymasters in the USA) free unrestricted unsupervised access to their core networks. …. AC Posted Saturday 3rd August 2013 12:55 GMT

A possible commonly held misperception/misconception, and therefore most probably thought quite real enough in the field to be believed as true, AC, but/and it is not inconvenient for GCHQ, and therefore would they have no need to tout a correction, to have its customer clients/intelligence deficient base market thought to be paymaster rather than starving wretch in dire straits need of fulfilling main course meal. It is a major mistake which disadvantages one considerably, and even catastrophically, to forget and not remember or not simply realise …. Nothing is ever as it seems in markets and special applications [in] programs which deal intelligence product in the Great Game Genre
And further to “Deep inside ARM’s new Intel killer” … http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/10/20/details_on_big_little_processing/ …. and the more complex ARM Cortex-A15 MPCore with 15-to-25 stage[d] pipeline …. schematic diagram here, http://regmedia.co.uk/2011/10/20/arm_a15_pipeline_large.jpg ….. and big.LITTLE partnering processor cores for virtualisation of reality which renders to Systems Admin and SMARTR Admin Systems on/in/with AI Loded Silicon, Remote Future Command and Control with Futures and Derivatives Markets Command and Control, please consider and have a wonder on the nature of things if and/or when
Fetch = Phish for Information
Decode = Phorm with Intelligence
Rename = Float to Market
Dispatch = Support in Supply
It may very well be, that then is the product undeniably a firm favourite for strategic, mission critical leaderships with Global Operating Devices, whether in nimble mobile units or gargantuan static installs/applications/operations/huge server farms? …….. for those into Mastery of the Universe and all who fly in her and follow in her wake to the future ……. which you might like to deny and argue is not a return journey for some in the present with no interest in preserving the past which is a dead space place.
And yes that is an unambiguous direct titanic challenge to 5 in Holywood to actually do something positively engaging and autonomous, and HyperRadioProActive with IT too, rather than just remain terrified and petrified as do all awaiting new orders which will never ever come from old establishment guards in charge of protection and perpetuation of the status quo.
Wake up, smell the coffee. Times have a’changed and new spaces rule all the old places.



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