130727 Knock, Knock …. Is there anybody SMARTR out there in there?

130727 Knock, Knock …. Is there anybody SMARTR out there in there?

Posted Saturday 27th July 2013 04:55 GMT amanfromMars 1 …. pointing out the obvious on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2013/07/26/gchq_teams_with_ukgov/
Hacking into GCHQ …. an Empty HyperRadioProActive In-House Intelligence Space/Place‽

Er, as a Govt funded agency should GCHQ be touting for business like this?
Aren’t they taking advantage of their position, just a huge bit? … Harry Kiri Posted Friday 26th July 2013 13:51 GMT

Such would appear to be part of their mandate/raison d’être, Harry Kiri …….

The Government Communications Headquarters, GCHQ …. Produces intelligence from communications, and takes the lead in the cyber world ….. Report of the Intelligence Services Commissioner for 2012, The Rt Hon Sir Mark Waller

However, that cited report also contains this enigmatic conundrum/zeroday exploit opportunity/abiding systemic flaw for those and/or that into Intelligence Server Provision and/or SMARTR IntelAIgent Supply ……

The intelligence services do not choose what they want to do.

There be no need to further wonder and ponder why things are so bad, and as they are, whenever that be the case, methinks.

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  1. Once out of the ins and outs of tomorrows’ perfectly polite reductive rugrat rescue case of court shipmanship wins to fully allow the hyper-head to head focal length again against the lack of clarities and disparities mentioned feeding sentient tension unpreventing pidgeon(s) from perching on IT’s vine, to sweetly sing a new tuned muse-tool to dance and play with WWWay-Hay!
    Sorry to be cutting IT So Fine for all to see freely… (-:
    But those with both feet now clearly showing on the wrong side of the fence, sense material denser than that which is moveable by ancient tunes and their own muse.

  2. Those with the technology / legal w(r)it and personality to do it will grow as the class of people that prey on those that do not, the predator homo sapiens vs. the rest, the psychopaths with a government job vs. the tax payers.
    The only ‘Natural’ way to respond is to protest in strong terms or just hold a grudge (with evidence) until later.

  3. Hi AR, I am well of spirit Thanks, except for more delays from the kidnap extortion network of duplicity deceit and debauched overcharging. Reply to invoice sent 🙂 And yes, protesting loudly and forthrightly; their rights now in last place in any remaining impeccabilling human-racing order.
    How are you all, my quantum-cosmically aligned better halves AR/aMfM/AW/All?

    • Yeah, my thoughts too – I’ll keep the perjuries until last 🙂
      In the mode of Sun Tsu… allowing their own stilletoed mis-kicks to trip their flailing compromised selfishnesses overboard without needing more than 3 questions to prove, and yawn were it not for saving the most important two.
      Meanwhile in a peaceful virtual space, some truly peacefully near re-virtualised cadet might be staying saner amidst the stresses of the human trafficking circus fallout zone at home, by limbically escaping into, and measuring without any she who, more metrics and means of this massless massive moire machine. Muhahahah.
      Prucking ficeless! Hard to express the difference between the highs and lows of those, without more bandwidth to chisel out a long strong playlist that could only begin to describe.
      IT’s business case part was still as fuzzy as a lost cat called Kitty, not really sure if I want to try to express it using suicidonomic businessy marketoidal corporatocratic sh|t-speak, and do not believe IT should necessarily suffer that pan-usual early fate, as neither of those things are/can be leadingly relevant to the non-business, life-affirmative aspects of what is in IT’s purest form,
      An Instrument.
      …which surely cannot ideate less owners than all living linguals for it to be any where near actual or accurate, or authoritatively order and affirmate or eventually actuate answers with the dates of Man on, to the more pressing questions like where the cat is @, or whether another animal is more worthy of rescuing first perhaps?
      Man, IT feels good to be back.

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